SIMGE On The Scene: Alvarez Kings, Roy Orbitron, YJY & Deaf Rhino Rocked The Wonder Bar

Phil Shepherd March 28, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

It seems every venue in Asbury had a great bill last Friday night. With so much to be found in town and being a fan of the Dark City Entertainment shows I headed to the Wonder Bar to take in a few local acts and a major touring band. Yes, it seems the venue has become my home for taking in some local music, but I am continuing to get out to other clubs when I get the chance as was my goal when the year started. Back to the night. 

Headlining the night was Warner Brothers/Sire Records recording artist Alvarez Kings. This quartet stopped by Asbury Park on the tail end of their US tour before heading back home to the UK and the string of sold out shows that awaits them. I really enjoyed what I heard from my preparation during the week, what I did not know was the staying power the songs I previewed would have. 

A 40 minute or set featured songs from their 2015 release Fear To Feel. Alternative, driving but soothing, filled with layers and killer harmonies. Talking with drummer Richard Walker and guitarist Sean Parkin after the set I inquired about major radio airplay because some of the songs sounded very familiar. Turns out those familiar songs were the ones I heard during my run up. This rarely happens to me, stuff I hear a few days before a show I remember in great detail, but these songs had stuck with me and I did not realize it. That is the mark of some great tune. If you are up for a road trip they will be playing their final show stateside in Boston before heading back across that big pond. They will be back for certain and I will be looking forward to that one. 

Roy Orbitron opened up the night, followed by YJY. One of my personal local favorites, Deaf Rhino, had the honor of closing it all out. A great bill and a great night of music. 

The choice selections from the night: 

Roy Orbitron

RoyOrbitron325_PShepherd-15 RoyOrbitron325_PShepherd-21 RoyOrbitron325_PShepherd-25 RoyOrbitron325_PShepherd-37 RoyOrbitron325_PShepherd-49 RoyOrbitron325_PShepherd-54 RoyOrbitron325_PShepherd-62 RoyOrbitron325_PShepherd-68 RoyOrbitron325_PShepherd-75 RoyOrbitron325_PShepherd-77


YJY325_PShepherd-14 YJY325_PShepherd-18 YJY325_PShepherd-23 YJY325_PShepherd-29 YJY325_PShepherd-36 YJY325_PShepherd-38 YJY325_PShepherd-42 YJY325_PShepherd-47 YJY325_PShepherd-50 YJY325_PShepherd-54

Alvarez Kings

AlvarezKings325_PShepherd-5 AlvarezKings325_PShepherd-18 AlvarezKings325_PShepherd-30 AlvarezKings325_PShepherd-35 AlvarezKings325_PShepherd-96 AlvarezKings325_PShepherd-112 AlvarezKings325_PShepherd-122 AlvarezKings325_PShepherd-129 AlvarezKings325_PShepherd-139 AlvarezKings325_PShepherd-146

Deaf Rhino

DeafRhino325_PShepherd-10 DeafRhino325_PShepherd-12 DeafRhino325_PShepherd-28 DeafRhino325_PShepherd-38 DeafRhino325_PShepherd-44 DeafRhino325_PShepherd-61 DeafRhino325_PShepherd-69 DeafRhino325_PShepherd-83 DeafRhino325_PShepherd-102 DeafRhino325_PShepherd-112

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