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SIMGE On The Scene: Cranston Dean, Accidental Seabirds, Thomas Wesley Stern, Pocket Vinyl & The Dawn Drapes Played The Saint

Phil Shepherd January 24, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

Before this crazy storm hit, I took in a very active, soul filled night at The Saint. This is not a reference to soul music mind you, but a tribute to the feeling of togetherness the night’s music brought us. A five band bill featuring a couple of touring acts and some local fare that found members of the bands jumping on stage and performing a song with one another. Dogmatic Live Art was there as well putting in a couple of his masterpieces as well as reciting a poem prior to each set.

Kicking the night off was a act from New London, CT. Pocket Vinyl is one of the most interesting acts to come through Asbury in a while, for this duo not only gave us song, they gave us live art as well. A blank canvas to be filled up throughout each song in the set and completed by the time the final number ended. A charismatic keyboardist/singer and a painter. What a great set by the two of them. They are headed down to the warmer reaches of the country for now but have promised to come back. Be sure and keep an eye out and check them out the next time they are in town.  The genre on their site labels them as Piano Slam Rock. Good description indeed.

Thomas Wesley Stern got the crowd all pumped up and dancing before the next touring band hit the stage. It has been a while since I have seen the boys in TWS, and you just have to love the happiness emitting from this sextet.

Harrisonburg, Virginia has been a major stop for a few of the NJ bands who venture out and this night saw The Dawn Drapes come up from the southland to share their song. The Trio occasionally will tour with Accidental Seabirds who went on right after.

Closing the night out was another band I had not seen in a while. Cranston Dean Band is a bundle of energy and good times. Mr. Cranston Dean performs with such a fiery passion and enthusiastic love for what he does. They were due to head out the day after the show for a few shows in Tennessee, hopefully they made it safe and sound.

The choice selections from the evening:

Pocket Vinyl

PocketVinyl121_PShepherd-13 PocketVinyl121_PShepherd-19PocketVinyl121_PShepherd-31 PocketVinyl121_PShepherd-35 PocketVinyl121_PShepherd-48 PocketVinyl121_PShepherd-3 PocketVinyl121_PShepherd-7

Thomas Wesley Stern

TWStern121_PShepherd-18 TWStern121_PShepherd-21 TWStern121_PShepherd-27 TWStern121_PShepherd-30 TWStern121_PShepherd-38 TWStern121_PShepherd-43 TWStern121_PShepherd-5 TWStern121_PShepherd-17

The Dawn Drapes

DawnDrapes121_PShepherd-23 DawnDrapes121_PShepherd-38 DawnDrapes121_PShepherd-66 DawnDrapes121_PShepherd-72 DawnDrapes121_PShepherd-92 DawnDrapes121_PShepherd-96 DawnDrapes121_PShepherd-3 DawnDrapes121_PShepherd-4

Accidental Seabirds

AccidentalSeabords121_PShepherd-23 AccidentalSeabords121_PShepherd-30 AccidentalSeabords121_PShepherd-41 AccidentalSeabords121_PShepherd-47 AccidentalSeabords121_PShepherd-59 AccidentalSeabords121_PShepherd-62 AccidentalSeabords121_PShepherd-7 AccidentalSeabords121_PShepherd-16

Cranston Dean Band

CranstonDean121_PShepherd-14 CranstonDean121_PShepherd-22 CranstonDean121_PShepherd-31 CranstonDean121_PShepherd-39 CranstonDean121_PShepherd-49 CranstonDean121_PShepherd-50 CranstonDean121_PShepherd-2 CranstonDean121_PShepherd-11

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