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SIMGE On The Scene: Jesse Elliot Band, Rocky and the Chapter & Rose Boulevard Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd March 30, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

The vibe at this weeks Happy Mondays went from laid back to monster energy real quick. And then the energy spiked with spunkiness on us. It was an indie-folk night at the Wonder Bar, a genre that has become immensely popular around here. Growing up for me it was CSNY, James Taylor and Jackson Brown and now we have some amazing acts right in our own backyard. And if you are following along, yes, my tastes were as eccentric back then as they are now. Probably more so. 

Opening up the night, coming in from Lawrenceville was Jesse Elliot and band. Some smooth country styling in New Jersey. Sweet. Their debut release “I Gave You My All’ came out last June and has met with great reviews. 

The last time I saw Rocky and the Chapter I was a bit traffic lagged. Did not expect to shoot them then, but it is what I do, so I did. Now that I had the chance to really pay attention to the band, I get the hype. These guys bring it with great energy and feeling. Thoroughly enjoyed their set. Rocky is embarking on a solo tour to the mid west for a couple of weeks and will be back in full band mode on April 22 at Maxwell’s.   

Closing the night out was Rose Boulevard. This group has a great time on stage and makes the crowd happy, and it always translate is some fine song. 

Next week is a big one at Happy Mondays. The Jeff Crespi birthday bash featuring a few of his favorite local bands. Shady Street, Deal Casino and Morningside Lane. Stop on by, wish him well and grab some cake, eat it too! 

The Choice selections from the evening:

Jesse Elliot Band

JesseElliot328_PShepherd-6 JesseElliot328_PShepherd-12 JesseElliot328_PShepherd-16 JesseElliot328_PShepherd-18 JesseElliot328_PShepherd-26 JesseElliot328_PShepherd-28 JesseElliot328_PShepherd-29 JesseElliot328_PShepherd-43 JesseElliot328_PShepherd-48 JesseElliot328_PShepherd-52

Rocky Catanese and the Chapter

RockyCatanese328_PShepherd-6 RockyCatanese328_PShepherd-9 RockyCatanese328_PShepherd-25 RockyCatanese328_PShepherd-36 RockyCatanese328_PShepherd-43 RockyCatanese328_PShepherd-53 RockyCatanese328_PShepherd-63 RockyCatanese328_PShepherd-65 RockyCatanese328_PShepherd-69 RockyCatanese328_PShepherd

Rose Boulevard

RoseBoulevard328_PShepherd-4 RoseBoulevard328_PShepherd-20 RoseBoulevard328_PShepherd-24 RoseBoulevard328_PShepherd-27 RoseBoulevard328_PShepherd-31 RoseBoulevard328_PShepherd-35 RoseBoulevard328_PShepherd-47 RoseBoulevard328_PShepherd-62 RoseBoulevard328_PShepherd-64 RoseBoulevard328_PShepherd-67

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