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SIMGE On The Scene: Modern Chemistry, The Vansaders, Goodbye Tiger & Toy Cars Rocked The Wonder Bar

Phil Shepherd February 8, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

This particular Saturday Night Show I had in my book since it was announced by promoter Dark City Entertainment. Finding a parking spot was a bit sketchy with the other events going on around the Wonder Bar and I thought for sure I would have a ding somewhere on the vehicle when I came out after the show. Things were that tight. But we prevail, and then take in four incredible sets of music with a packed house in attendance.

Spending the most of 2015 on the road and away from New Jersey, Modern Chemistry decided it was time to revisit their love of the homeland and set up a string of NJ shows with some of their favorite bands. It was to be a night of pure and modern Rock-N-Roll.

The nights bill kicked off with Toy Cars, a band that I had never seen before, but knew fairly well. Totally impressed, totally enjoyable and a perfect start to the night.

Goodbye Tiger went in missing their bass player, so Toy Cars front man Matt Debenedetti pulled double duty and sat in for the set. Not sure how much lead time he had, but I am always amazed at how quickly these guys can pick up and sit in with a different act. We have some amazingly talented musicians here in support of each other.

Coming in whole, The Vansaders stirred up the crowd in preparation for the nights headliner. Doug has always been there in solo mode when needed to fill in due to a last minute cancellation, it was great to see him with the whole band.

Modern Chemistry. It had been about 14 months since I have been able to take in a set from the powerful New Brunswick based quartet. They had their own light show and even threw some mild smoke machine in the mix. Always appreciative of that I am.  After some constant touring all over the states, they have been hard at work creating new material for us to feast on. No word on a release date but it will be a full length offering.  The NJ Tour continues on Friday 2/12 at The Brighton in Long Branch, followed by dates in New Brunswick and back to Asbury for an acoustic show at AP Yacht Club. Finishing up with a little jaunt out to Browns Mills for a house show. That should be a wild one.

The Choice Selections from the evening:

Toy Cars

ToyCars26_PShepherd-27 ToyCars26_PShepherd-29 ToyCars26_PShepherd-31 ToyCars26_PShepherd-36 ToyCars26_PShepherd-43 ToyCars26_PShepherd-46 ToyCars26_PShepherd-51 ToyCars26_PShepherd-16 ToyCars26_PShepherd-18

Goodbye Tiger

GoodbyeTiger26_PShepherd-18 GoodbyeTiger26_PShepherd-25 GoodbyeTiger26_PShepherd-38 GoodbyeTiger26_PShepherd-55 GoodbyeTiger26_PShepherd-64 GoodbyeTiger26_PShepherd-67 GoodbyeTiger26_PShepherd-68 GoodbyeTiger26_PShepherd-70 GoodbyeTiger26_PShepherd-8 GoodbyeTiger26_PShepherd-9

The Vansaders

Vansaders26_PShepherd-26 Vansaders26_PShepherd-30 Vansaders26_PShepherd-33 Vansaders26_PShepherd-34 Vansaders26_PShepherd-42 Vansaders26_PShepherd-54 Vansaders26_PShepherd-57 Vansaders26_PShepherd-59 Vansaders26_PShepherd-69 Vansaders26_PShepherd-7

Modern Chemistry

ModernChemistry26_PShepherd-78 ModernChemistry26_PShepherd-82 ModernChemistry26_PShepherd-99 ModernChemistry26_PShepherd-114 ModernChemistry26_PShepherd-124 ModernChemistry26_PShepherd-141 ModernChemistry26_PShepherd-156 ModernChemistry26_PShepherd-166 ModernChemistry26_PShepherd-44 ModernChemistry26_PShepherd-65

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