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SIMGE On The Scene: Bobby Mahoney, Desir Decir, Backyard Superheroes and Victory Boulevard Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd February 24, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

As I retired for the evening on Monday, after four sets of amazing music, I had a Fishbone song on loop in my head. I think it was a tribute of sorts to the band that claimed the highlight of my night. After being away from Happy Mondays for a couple weeks for some other obligations it was great to be back and we had a four band bill to get things going again.

Back to the highlight of the night for me. Backyard Superheroes does not get to play in Asbury that much, but they will be working on changing that, which is going to be great for all of us. Such great energy and showmanship. Trumpet player/vocalist Bruce Krywinski is a regular at Happy Mondays and I have talked with him a bit, seen him sit in with Fun While You Wait, but I had no idea the level of talent he doth possess. That is the best part of getting to know someone before you see them perform. After watching him and his band mates tear up a stage you gather a totally new respect. Yes, they left a great impression on me. And sent me to sleep with Fishbone tunes in my head.

Asbury Park locals Victory Boulevard opened up the night and are due to release a new album later this spring. Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son rock and rolled through set number three and down from Jersey City, Desir Decir closed out the night.

Up next week at Happy Mondays features Bounders, Futures and Black Wail.

The choice selections from the evening, which I am actually quite apprehensive about due to the desktop PC crashing and the editing done on the laptop, which I stay away from as much as I can due to color and contrast shift:

Victory Boulevard

VictoryBlvd222_PShepherd-16 VictoryBlvd222_PShepherd-23 VictoryBlvd222_PShepherd-28 VictoryBlvd222_PShepherd-31 VictoryBlvd222_PShepherd-32 VictoryBlvd222_PShepherd-38 VictoryBlvd222_PShepherd-2 VictoryBlvd222_PShepherd-6 VictoryBlvd222_PShepherd-7 VictoryBlvd222_PShepherd-9

Backyard Superheroes

BackyardSuperheroes222_PShepherd-62 BackyardSuperheroes222_PShepherd-67 BackyardSuperheroes222_PShepherd-4 BackyardSuperheroes222_PShepherd-17 BackyardSuperheroes222_PShepherd-19 BackyardSuperheroes222_PShepherd-27 BackyardSuperheroes222_PShepherd-32 BackyardSuperheroes222_PShepherd-36 BackyardSuperheroes222_PShepherd-40 BackyardSuperheroes222_PShepherd-41

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

BM7S222_PShepherd-17 BM7S222_PShepherd-29 BM7S222_PShepherd-39 BM7S222_PShepherd-41 BM7S222_PShepherd-2 BM7S222_PShepherd-3 BM7S222_PShepherd-5 BM7S222_PShepherd-7

Desir Decir

DesirDecir222_PShepherd-65 DesirDecir222_PShepherd-66 DesirDecir222_PShepherd-5 DesirDecir222_PShepherd-13 DesirDecir222_PShepherd-27 DesirDecir222_PShepherd-31 DesirDecir222_PShepherd-33 DesirDecir222_PShepherd-42 DesirDecir222_PShepherd-52 DesirDecir222_PShepherd-55

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