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SIMGE On The Scene: The Afraid Brigade, Echo Courts & Sink Tapes Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd March 9, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

I was very relaxed walking out of this weeks Happy Mondays. It was a great night of laid back song, indie rock has a way of making you feel good. I normally drive in silence for a bit, but for whatever reason I turned on the radio as I started to drive. Well, Dio was on and up went the volume. Such is the life of being a music fanatic. 

The night kicked off with a band from Woodbridge I had previewed that morning. The Afraid Brigade, a four piece, smooth sounding group with a very retro, late 60’s feel to them. It was the first time for them at the Wonder Bar and the crowd rolled in just in time to take in a great set. 

On tour and up from North Carolina, Echo Courts took the stage next and was followed by perennial crowd favorites Sink Tapes to closed out the night.  

Things should get a little wild next week as Atlas Bloom, I Have Been Floated and Yawn Mower hit the stage. Never a dull moment for Happy Mondays. 

The Choice selections from the evening:

The Afraid Brigade

AfraidBrigade37_PShepherd-7 AfraidBrigade37_PShepherd-10 AfraidBrigade37_PShepherd-14 AfraidBrigade37_PShepherd-21 AfraidBrigade37_PShepherd-36 AfraidBrigade37_PShepherd-43 AfraidBrigade37_PShepherd-45 AfraidBrigade37_PShepherd-49 AfraidBrigade37_PShepherd-50 AfraidBrigade37_PShepherd

Echo Courts

EchoCourts37_PShepherd-3 EchoCourts37_PShepherd-6 EchoCourts37_PShepherd-10 EchoCourts37_PShepherd-12 EchoCourts37_PShepherd-18 EchoCourts37_PShepherd-21 EchoCourts37_PShepherd-25 EchoCourts37_PShepherd-29 EchoCourts37_PShepherd-36 EchoCourts37_PShepherd-50

Sink Tapes

SinkTapes37_PShepherd-6 SinkTapes37_PShepherd-11 SinkTapes37_PShepherd-12 SinkTapes37_PShepherd-13 SinkTapes37_PShepherd-23 SinkTapes37_PShepherd-26 SinkTapes37_PShepherd-29 SinkTapes37_PShepherd-39 SinkTapes37_PShepherd-43 SinkTapes37_PShepherd-51

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