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SIMGE On The Scene: 18th & Addison, Wicked Hollow, Gravity Well & Ropetree Played River Rock

Phil Shepherd March 13, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

The final installment of the years Winter Beach Crawl went down last week at River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar in Brick. Put together by Nikki Black of WRAT’s Jersey Rock and sponsored by Yeungling and Bands on a Budget, the four show tour of various clubs and bars in Monmouth and Ocean County highlighted up and coming bands and enjoyed a few heavy hitters in the New Jersey music scene. I took in two of the four shows including the most recent edition. 

Having never been to River Rock before, I was wondering how it was all going to go over being it was a large restaurant/bar. It went over great! Carved out in a corner of the bar area is a flat, nice sized space large enough for a 4-5 piece band to fit in easily. Maybe not get all crazy like, but enough to stretch out a bit. I was very impressed with the sound, loud enough to enjoy and controlled enough to keep the ears from ringing after a full night. With ear plugs in of course. Always protect your hearing. Thanks to Russell Eia from Asbury Audio for coming through on that one. Lighting was good too, managed a decent shutter speed and no flash needed. Thank you River Rock.   

Starting the night off, 18th & Addison was in full band mode. Great set. I see Tom and Kait do the acoustic thing quite a bit and catching them in full regalia was superb. 

The band of the night for me was Wicked Hollow. Out of Manchester, NJ these guys are young in age, however their musical prowess in way beyond their years. They have it, and are going to get more of it. Rock, Grunge, Blues, and Soul mixed together for an awesome and classic sound. Watch out for this quartet, they will be in your path before you know it. I have been jamming to their 2015 release all day. 

Gravity Well and Ropetree finished out the night. Both of these groups always produce solid and entertaining sets. I am thankful to have seen them quite a few times. 

Maybe we can convince Jersey Rock to do a spring series next. What say you Yeungling? These shows are great, and the continued support of local, live music gives many bands the opportunity to strut their stuff and for us to enjoy them in the process. 

The choice selections from the evening:

18th & Addison

18thAddison310_PShepherd-2 18thAddison310_PShepherd-5 18thAddison310_PShepherd-14 18thAddison310_PShepherd-22 18thAddison310_PShepherd-30 18thAddison310_PShepherd-40 18thAddison310_PShepherd-42 18thAddison310_PShepherd-45 18thAddison310_PShepherd-52 18thAddison310_PShepherd-57

Wicked Hollow

WickedHollow310_PShepherd-3 WickedHollow310_PShepherd-4 WickedHollow310_PShepherd-15 WickedHollow310_PShepherd-24 WickedHollow310_PShepherd-29 WickedHollow310_PShepherd-35 WickedHollow310_PShepherd-49 WickedHollow310_PShepherd-62 WickedHollow310_PShepherd-80 WickedHollow310_PShepherd-93

Gravity Well

GravityWell310_PShepherd-13 GravityWell310_PShepherd-16 GravityWell310_PShepherd-22 GravityWell310_PShepherd-29 GravityWell310_PShepherd-32 GravityWell310_PShepherd-44 GravityWell310_PShepherd-50 GravityWell310_PShepherd-74 GravityWell310_PShepherd-76 GravityWell310_PShepherd-83


Ropetree310_PShepherd-4 Ropetree310_PShepherd-5 Ropetree310_PShepherd-11 Ropetree310_PShepherd-13 Ropetree310_PShepherd-20 Ropetree310_PShepherd-26 Ropetree310_PShepherd-33 Ropetree310_PShepherd-37 Ropetree310_PShepherd-43 Ropetree310_PShepherd-47


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