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SIMGE On The Scene: Experiment 34, Wyland and Roy Orbitron played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd May 4, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

This weeks Happy Mondays proved to be another eclectic affair with a variety of acts doing their thing on the Wonder Bar stage. 

Fresh off the release of their three song EP,grunge rockers Experiment 34 made their way down from New Brunswick for their first foray on to the Wonder Bar stage. The quartet drew a good showing as they mixed in some Chili Peppers style funk to their already aggressive sounds. 

They were followed by Wyland, who I have always had an appreciation for. Smooth, melodic, a joy to listen to and front man Ryan Sloan’s personality shines with an easy going and humble approach for entertaining. Though he did make me gulp when he asked for the lights to be turned down. Never a good thing. But all was well as they brought some uplighting to balance it out. 

Roy Orbitron closed the night out with a set that I am calling the anarchy set. The boys just let it all hang out with out a care in the world. 

Next weeks festivities feature Black Flamingos, Yawn Mower and El Noordzo. 

The choice selections from the Evening:

Experiment 34

Experiment3452_PShepherd-8 Experiment3452_PShepherd-11 Experiment3452_PShepherd-43 Experiment3452_PShepherd-37 Experiment3452_PShepherd-27 Experiment3452_PShepherd-26 Experiment3452_PShepherd-24 Experiment3452_PShepherd-21 Experiment3452_PShepherd-20 Experiment3452_PShepherd-16


Wyland52_PShepherd-15 Wyland52_PShepherd-19 Wyland52_PShepherd-24 Wyland52_PShepherd-26 Wyland52_PShepherd-33 Wyland52_PShepherd-37 Wyland52_PShepherd-39 Wyland52_PShepherd-42 Wyland52_PShepherd-46 Wyland52_PShepherd

Roy Orbitron

RoyOrbitron52_PShepherd-3 RoyOrbitron52_PShepherd-10 RoyOrbitron52_PShepherd-12 RoyOrbitron52_PShepherd-13 RoyOrbitron52_PShepherd-17 RoyOrbitron52_PShepherd-33 RoyOrbitron52_PShepherd-38 RoyOrbitron52_PShepherd-39 RoyOrbitron52_PShepherd-42 RoyOrbitron52_PShepherd-45

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