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SIMGE On The Scene: Serious Matters, Kat Phunk, Baelfire + More Battled For Stone Pony Summer Stage

Phil Shepherd May 6, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

The Stone Pony held a their first summer stage showcase for new and aspiring bands. The event gives each band a chance for at least one of them to perform at a Summer Stage show this year. Ten bands in all showed off their talents in hopes of winning a coveted spot. I arrived after it all started but did manage to take in eight of them over the course of five hours. well, seven and a half really as Surrender the Night was just finishing up their last two songs wen I arrived.   

Notables for me were Tula Vera, a cool female fronted alternative quartet out of Montclair. Kat Phunk, a super talented jazz/funk group out of Middletown. Serious Matters a five piece punk pop group based in Union Beach, who sounded great for only playing together for about eight weeks and Baelfire

Have to say Balefire dropped my jaw a few times and when I found out how old they were even more so. Going to spin a young artists spotlight column out of this show to get to know some of the acts a little better. A few of the bands were very young and I find it comforting to know that the talent level in the high school age groups is alive and strong. 

Also performing during the day were The Catering Company, Growling Hounds, Off Top, and the two bands I did not get a chance to catch, Ashes to Oranges and Altered Cross

Going to be exciting to watch these groups grow, best of luck to each and every one on the summer stage adventures. 

A few selections from the event

Surrender the Night

SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-2 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-5 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-6 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-11 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-15

Tula Vera

SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-44 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-45 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-53 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-60 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-76

Kat Phunk

SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-108 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-111 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-128 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-151 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-161

The Catering Company

SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-82 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-86 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-90 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-93 SPonyShowcase51_PShepherd-98

Serious Matters

PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-22 PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-35 PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-43 PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-86 PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-95


PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-117 PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-129 PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-137 PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-159 PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-181

The Growling Hounds

PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-195 PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-206 PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-207 PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-222 PonyShowcase51_PShepherd-228

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