SIMGE On The Scene: The Battery Electric, Dentist & More Played GayGuy/StraightGuy’s Release Party At House Of Independents

Phil Shepherd May 7, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

A Dark City Entertainment show at House of Independents. How good would this be. It would be great. It was great. A gathering of five local bands on Cinco de Mayo to celebrate the release of Shut Your Mouth and Eat Your Cake, the latest offering from GayGuy/StraightGuy. 

I have always been amazed at the amount of musical depth GayGuy/StraightGuy produce. No filler effects, no special noises, just guitar and drums creating the purest, loudest, hardest rock-n-roll around. Guitarist/vocalist Nick Cucci appears laid back, what comes out of him is anything but. Drummer Bob Paulos is a beast with a four piece. If you have not seen these two perform, get out and get there.

The overall bill was quite stacked as well. Yawn Mower, another two piece rock machine infused with snippets of comedic relief opened the show and was followed by some hard rocking energy from The Black Clouds. Bass player Gary Moses cut off his hair, but he remains a photogenic monster. 

Dentist toned things down a bit for a segue into the final two bands, but only a by a little. They sounded awesome on the big stage and held the crowds attention intently. 

The Battery Electric stormed in for some in your face fan interaction which preceded to tell us something about going mosh pit at the House. Probably not a good idea. 

GayGuy/StraightGuy closed out the night and the last few songs were filled with guests from each band as they jammed the night away.

Loved seeing an all local show at HOI and it was very well attended. Be sure and get there on May 27th for The Shady Street Show Band album release party. More local bands, more happiness to ensue. 

The choice selections from the evening:

Yawn Mower

YawnMower55_PShepherd-3 YawnMower55_PShepherd-7 YawnMower55_PShepherd-10 YawnMower55_PShepherd-15 YawnMower55_PShepherd-20 YawnMower55_PShepherd-21 YawnMower55_PShepherd-30 YawnMower55_PShepherd-38

The Black Clouds

BlackClouds55_PShepherd-8 BlackClouds55_PShepherd-15 BlackClouds55_PShepherd-36 BlackClouds55_PShepherd-49 BlackClouds55_PShepherd-52 BlackClouds55_PShepherd-55 BlackClouds55_PShepherd-57 BlackClouds55_PShepherd-65


Dentist55_PShepherd-5 Dentist55_PShepherd-8 Dentist55_PShepherd-19 Dentist55_PShepherd-21 Dentist55_PShepherd-28 Dentist55_PShepherd-33 Dentist55_PShepherd-41 Dentist55_PShepherd-46

The Battery Electric

BatteryElectric55_PShepherd-8 BatteryElectric55_PShepherd-10 BatteryElectric55_PShepherd-19 BatteryElectric55_PShepherd-25 BatteryElectric55_PShepherd-53 BatteryElectric55_PShepherd-57 BatteryElectric55_PShepherd-59 BatteryElectric55_PShepherd-70


GGSG55_PShepherd-17 GGSG55_PShepherd-35 GGSG55_PShepherd-47 GGSG55_PShepherd-55 GGSG55_PShepherd-63 GGSG55_PShepherd-70 GGSG55_PShepherd-77 GGSG55_PShepherd-115

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