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SIMGE On The Scene: Yawn Mower, El Noordzo and Black Flamingos Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd May 11, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

Monday night looked like it was going to be a bit on the slow side for Happy Mondays, but out of no where the place filled up rather quickly. Maybe everyone was hanging on the boardwalk and taking in the nice weather that is finally upon us, once the music started though, in they came. Play it and they will come. I was even provided with a little surprise from master sound man Billy Colledge as he managed to get a hold of a smoke machine for the night. He knows I love the effect it gives the photos, adds a great mood to the scene. It also gives a great opportunity to chill out for a bit and watch the show because it is easier to make good looking shots. 

Coming off a great performance from last Thursday at HOI, Yawn Mower kicked the night off in high gear for us. Next up was El Noordzo. All I have to say is WOW. Why have I not seen these guys before. Fantastic mix of Afro-carribean infused jazz that keeps you mesmerized and tapping away. Super tight and super talented. Thank you Dark City Entertainment.

I had been looking forward to this night for a while just because Black Flamingos were playing. I had not seen them in a long time and what better way to ramp up the rise in temperature than having them close out your night.

It is close. Can you feel it? It has been such a long spring. Time to get outside and party.  Be Safe!

The choice selections from the evening:

Yawn Mower

YawnMower59_PShepherd-8 YawnMower59_PShepherd-9 YawnMower59_PShepherd-12 YawnMower59_PShepherd-14 YawnMower59_PShepherd-15 YawnMower59_PShepherd-24 YawnMower59_PShepherd-28 YawnMower59_PShepherd-30 YawnMower59_PShepherd-36 YawnMower59_PShepherd-38

El Noordzo

El Noordzo59_PShepherd-7 El Noordzo59_PShepherd-9 El Noordzo59_PShepherd-17 El Noordzo59_PShepherd-19 El Noordzo59_PShepherd-22 El Noordzo59_PShepherd-28 El Noordzo59_PShepherd-31 El Noordzo59_PShepherd-40 El Noordzo59_PShepherd-46 El Noordzo59_PShepherd-52

Black Flamingos   

BlackFlamingos59_PShepherd-2 BlackFlamingos59_PShepherd-8 BlackFlamingos59_PShepherd-10 BlackFlamingos59_PShepherd-11 BlackFlamingos59_PShepherd-14 BlackFlamingos59_PShepherd-17 BlackFlamingos59_PShepherd-25 BlackFlamingos59_PShepherd-32 BlackFlamingos59_PShepherd-46 BlackFlamingos59_PShepherd-60

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