SIMGE On The Scene: Minka, Courtesy Tier & Deal Casino Played MilkBoy

Phil Shepherd July 31, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

With all the jamming I did to Courtesy Tier during the week, it was only fitting I go and check out one of their live shows. So a trip out to Philly and a stop at Milkboy had my cards in play last Friday night. Of course since I was traveling solo, I doubt I would have made the trip unless the guys in Deal Casino weren’t playing the final night of their month long residency. It has been a few months since I took in one of their shows so it gave me the perfect excuse to take a road trip. 

I am all about the live shows, and Courtesy Tier was as promised for me, a nice mix of heavy rock blues. “Cold”, the opening track off their August 12 LP release, has made it to the daily play list. Great, great track. 

Deal Casino continues to hone their new material and put in an amazing cover of The Beatles song Prudence. Singing that one all the way home I was. 

The opening band I had streamed the day of the show. Local to the Philly area, Minka had an unexpected situation to attend to, so they performed as a two piece rather than a full band of four. Not to worry at all as Keys and Drums filled out the room very nicely. Their set brought back sounds of the new wave eighties era adding a little bit of modern day aggression. Love to see these guys come to Jersey for a few shows. Or I am going to be finding myself back in Philly to take in a set when they are whole. Great chops, emotion and energy. Gonna have to put in some feelers. 

Lighting was a bit sketchy, but they had the smoke going! The choice selections from the evening: 


Minka629_PShepherd-12 Minka629_PShepherd-14 Minka629_PShepherd-21 Minka629_PShepherd-22 Minka629_PShepherd-30 Minka629_PShepherd-31 Minka629_PShepherd-41 Minka629_PShepherd-46 Minka629_PShepherd

Courtesy Tier

CourtesyTier629_PShepherd-7 CourtesyTier629_PShepherd-15 CourtesyTier629_PShepherd-20 CourtesyTier629_PShepherd-24 CourtesyTier629_PShepherd-30 CourtesyTier629_PShepherd-34 CourtesyTier629_PShepherd-36 CourtesyTier629_PShepherd-51 CourtesyTier629_PShepherd-54

Deal Casino

 DealCasino629_PShepherd-7 DealCasino629_PShepherd-9 DealCasino629_PShepherd-12 DealCasino629_PShepherd-19 DealCasino629_PShepherd-23 DealCasino629_PShepherd-30 DealCasino629_PShepherd-39 DealCasino629_PShepherd-55 DealCasino629_PShepherd-59    

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