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SIMGE On The Scene: Foxanne, Accidental Seabirds & The Shady Street Show Band At Soulsational Festival

Phil Shepherd August 2, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

Breaking free for a few hours from a graduation party, I went to hear the last three bands at this years Soulsational Festival in Bayville, NJ. Historically I have spent the better part of the nine-hour long event in attendance, taking in two stages worth of song, poets, spoken word and drum circles along with the many vendors and displays they have going. But as always, family first, so this year’s was a bit different for me. 

I took in Foxanne, Accidental Seabirds with Rhode Island friends Warbler Roost, and The Shady Street Show Band. I think the weather scared a few people away this year attendance wise but it was still a fantastic three hours spent in the greater outdoors. There was not enough incense, though. So, next year I will have a portable incense burner with me so I can fully experience the sights and sounds of the yearly love fest in true aromatic fashion. 

The choice selections from the evening:


Foxanne730_PShepherd-8 Foxanne730_PShepherd-16 Foxanne730_PShepherd-27 Foxanne730_PShepherd-28 Foxanne730_PShepherd-40 Foxanne730_PShepherd-48 Foxanne730_PShepherd-50 Foxanne730_PShepherd-51 Foxanne730_PShepherd-72 Foxanne730_PShepherd-78 Foxanne730_PShepherd-80 Foxanne730_PShepherd-84

Accidental Seabirds

Seabirds730_PShepherd-12 Seabirds730_PShepherd-17 Seabirds730_PShepherd-22 Seabirds730_PShepherd-40 Seabirds730_PShepherd-56 Seabirds730_PShepherd-60 Seabirds730_PShepherd-89 Seabirds730_PShepherd-91 Seabirds730_PShepherd-107 Seabirds730_PShepherd-117 Seabirds730_PShepherd-129 Seabirds730_PShepherd-138

Shady Street Show Band 

ShadyStreet730_PShepherd-4 ShadyStreet730_PShepherd-7 ShadyStreet730_PShepherd-29 ShadyStreet730_PShepherd-37 ShadyStreet730_PShepherd-39 ShadyStreet730_PShepherd-45 ShadyStreet730_PShepherd-53 ShadyStreet730_PShepherd-59 ShadyStreet730_PShepherd-68 ShadyStreet730_PShepherd-80 ShadyStreet730_PShepherd-90 ShadyStreet730_PShepherd-115

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