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SIMGE On The Scene: Fun While You Wait, Disposable & Cousin Earth Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd August 5, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

Every time I hear the word Ukulele, I have flashbacks to Tiny Tim singing Tip Toe Through the Tulips. I had to do some research on the instrument after witnessing its use in all three bands at Happy Mondays this week. The first thing I learned? Aside from the actual name, it did not originate in Hawaii, it was those of Portuguese decent that were responsible for it.  I also had no idea it came in such a variety of sizes. This thing is a serious instrument. There seems to be a few different interpretations of its name, but I like Jumping Fleas the best. 

 Thoughts of Tiny Tim may seem a bit disturbing, but Monday night at the Wonder Bar was anything but.

Fun While You Wait kicked things off for us with a very classic, indie set. Ever see a Ukulele in a punk band? Check out Disposable, you will be amazed. And if you just want to go out and flat out party, Cousin Earth will fit your bill. From Brooklyn, big band, big sound, enthusiastic and extremely put together. 

You never know what you are going to find at a Happy Mondays, but you will always hear some great song. Remember, free admission, drink specials and we are done between 11:30 and midnight. Perfect if you have to get up in the morning for work! 

The choice selections from the evening:

Fun While You Wait

funWait81_PShepherd-2 funWait81_PShepherd-3 funWait81_PShepherd-14 funWait81_PShepherd-18 funWait81_PShepherd-23 funWait81_PShepherd-31 funWait81_PShepherd-37 funWait81_PShepherd-39 funWait81_PShepherd-42 funWait81_PShepherd-55


disposable81_pshepherd-6 disposable81_pshepherd-11 disposable81_pshepherd-31 disposable81_pshepherd-34 disposable81_pshepherd-35 disposable81_pshepherd-37 disposable81_pshepherd-52 disposable81_pshepherd-54 disposable81_pshepherd-62 disposable81_pshepherd-72

Cousin Earth

CousinEarth81_pshepherd-27 CousinEarth81_pshepherd-35 CousinEarth81_pshepherd-40 CousinEarth81_pshepherd-48 CousinEarth81_pshepherd-52 CousinEarth81_pshepherd-55 CousinEarth81_pshepherd-58 CousinEarth81_pshepherd-70 CousinEarth81_pshepherd-76 CousinEarth81_pshepherd-92

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