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SIMGE On The Scene: Corrina, Corrina, The Jolly Daggers and The Disfunction played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd August 9, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

A night of beautiful weather brought out the people for this weeks Happy Mondays. The big door was open, the fresh air was flowing and the Wonder Bar patio was full of activity between sets. And just like always, the music was superb.

Corrina, Corrina started the night off with some high energy punk n roll. Great to see these guys back out, I had never noticed how tight they are before. Perhaps it is good to get away for a bit then roll right into summer. 

The pirate crew that is The Jolly Daggers took up the middle slot in full regalia. Nuttin but fun here. 

Closing out the night and making their yearly, summer pilgrimage to the northeast, Puerto Rico’s The Disfunction has made lots of fans in this area. I should not be surprised though, even I have caught them the past three times they have been at Happy Mondays. Just remember, the next time you see them, no Budweiser, Miller all the way. After a few shows in NYC, They will be back at the Yacht Club on August 30th. 

The Choice selections from the evening:

Corrina Corrina

CorrinaCorrina88-Shepherd-2 CorrinaCorrina88-Shepherd-8 CorrinaCorrina88-Shepherd-16 CorrinaCorrina88-Shepherd-18 CorrinaCorrina88-Shepherd-25 CorrinaCorrina88-Shepherd-27 CorrinaCorrina88-Shepherd-33 CorrinaCorrina88-Shepherd-42 CorrinaCorrina88-Shepherd-43 CorrinaCorrina88-Shepherd-51

The Jolly Daggers

JollyDaggers88-Shepherd-8 JollyDaggers88-Shepherd-24 JollyDaggers88-Shepherd-32 JollyDaggers88-Shepherd-33 JollyDaggers88-Shepherd-34 JollyDaggers88-Shepherd-37 JollyDaggers88-Shepherd-41 JollyDaggers88-Shepherd-47 JollyDaggers88-Shepherd-50 JollyDaggers88-Shepherd-61

The Disfunction   

Disfunction88-PShepherd-4 Disfunction88-PShepherd-5 Disfunction88-PShepherd-15 Disfunction88-PShepherd-19 Disfunction88-PShepherd-23 Disfunction88-PShepherd-27 Disfunction88-PShepherd-29 Disfunction88-PShepherd-35 Disfunction88-PShepherd-47 Disfunction88-PShepherd-57

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