SIMGE On The Scene: Bright Righteous, The Vegabonds, Cold Weather Company + More Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd August 17, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

Yet another killer Happy Mondays this week. Two touring bands came in and they were sandwiched by a couple of local acoustic acts. The light rigs that have been hanging on by a thread finally said enough is enough during the first set of the night, some choice words were thrown about, and some very quick thinking from Frank to enable the big white spot lights that are seldom used gave the place a whole new atmosphere. Very cool look. Part of the rehab, there is a whole new set of lights just waiting to be installed as soon as time permits. This I am looking forward to very much. 

Anyway, the tunes. We had the duo of James Black and Joe Mack from Thomas Wesley Stern kick us off before the first of two nationals went on. 

I have always liked the music that comes out of Canada, and Bright Righteous did their country solid and reaffirmed my faith. Good hard rock and roll, and, they put in a killer rendition of “Whole Lotta Love.”

If you travel south from Winnipeg for a long while then take a left you will run right into the musical capital of the south. Hitting up the Wonder Bar stage for the third time, from Nashville, The Vegabonds cooked up some Tennessee love for us. Yes, I am a rock-n-roller, but I have the blood of a southerner in me. These guys are good time music. 

With the crowd gathered round, Cold Weather Company closed out the night. I really like this New Brunswick trio, some serious acoustic fingering going on. 

Coming up next week, The Honey Hounds, The Vaughns and Man Dancing will be hitting up the stage. 

The Choice Selections from the evening:

Joe Mack/James Black

JMJB815_PShepherd-1 JMJB815_PShepherd-2 JMJB815_PShepherd-3 JMJB815_PShepherd-4 JMJB815_PShepherd-5 JMJB815_PShepherd-6 JMJB815_PShepherd-7

Bright Righteous

BrightRighteous_PShepherd-1 BrightRighteous_PShepherd-2 BrightRighteous_PShepherd-3 BrightRighteous_PShepherd-4 BrightRighteous_PShepherd-5 BrightRighteous_PShepherd-6 BrightRighteous_PShepherd-7 BrightRighteous_PShepherd-8 BrightRighteous_PShepherd-9 BrightRighteous_PShepherd-10

The Vegabonds

Vegabonds815_PShepherd-5 Vegabonds815_PShepherd-9 Vegabonds815_PShepherd-12 Vegabonds815_PShepherd-14 Vegabonds815_PShepherd-27 Vegabonds815_PShepherd-34 Vegabonds815_PShepherd-43 Vegabonds815_PShepherd-48 Vegabonds815_PShepherd-55 Vegabonds815_PShepherd-58

Cold Weather Company

ColdWeatherCompany815_PShepherd-13 ColdWeatherCompany815_PShepherd-20 ColdWeatherCompany815_PShepherd-23 ColdWeatherCompany815_PShepherd-27 ColdWeatherCompany815_PShepherd-29 ColdWeatherCompany815_PShepherd-37 ColdWeatherCompany815_PShepherd-41

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