SIMGE On The Scene: Airacuda and We’re Ghosts Now Partied at Langosta Lounge

Phil Shepherd June 5, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

The final show for Airacuda took place at Langosta Lounge on June 3rd. Fresh off the release of the fantastic EP, Daydreaming, the boys have been forced to put their collective future on hold for an undetermined amount of time. I thoroughly enjoyed their latest offering and had high hopes for their future, but with Multi instrumentalist/Vocalist Eddie Ruddick needing to go home to England it was time to have one last hurrah. 

Airacuda has always been on the eclectic side during live performances and they let it all hang out for this one. A couple of guest appearances, rail hangers, stage crashers and giant sing alongs highlighted their set which ended well past midnight.  

There will be side projects and solo appearances to come. There is way to much talent going on in this group for them to fade away and I understand some amazing colaborations have already gone down in preparation for the future. I am very curious to see what comes next. 

The night opened with We’re Ghosts Now. These guys are so cool, and they had their own sing alongs going as well. So great to see and hear the crowd join in song when a band is on. 

The choice selections from the evening: 

We’re Ghosts Now

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Airacuda63_PShepherd-10 Airacuda63_PShepherd-26 Airacuda63_PShepherd-37 Airacuda63_PShepherd-52 Airacuda63_PShepherd-53 Airacuda63_PShepherd-60 Airacuda63_PShepherd-62 Airacuda63_PShepherd-69 Airacuda63_PShepherd-79 Airacuda63_PShepherd-91 Airacuda63_PShepherd-95 Airacuda63_PShepherd-105 Airacuda63_PShepherd-108 Airacuda63_PShepherd-112 Airacuda63_PShepherd-123

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