SIMGE On The Scene: The Honey Hounds, The Vaughns & ManDancing Rocked Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd August 24, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

A righteous affair at this weeks Happy Mondays. After having the stage lights crap out last week, they went ahead and replaced the whole shabang with brand new LED’s. These things are gorgeous, set up to provide full coverage of the entire area and have multiple combinations at the same time. 

The Honey Hounds kicked us off. Such a great name for a band. Carter Henry has teamed up with a couple of great musicians and brought the crew from philly for a night and kicked off a mini-tour in the process. I always wonder how exhausting it must be for indie bands when traveling. 4 hours from place to place seems cool, but traveling eight hours then having to gig must be a bit draining. Kudos to you all, bad ass for sure. 

The Vaughns continue to rip, giving off some great energy to a very loyal following. This group has a really good time when they perform and it carries over to the crowd so well. 

And then there are bands which you probably should know, but have never heard of. You wonder how you have not heard about them, how they have stayed under your radar for so long. I feel bad for not knowing about them because they are that good. Based out of Union County, ManDancing are not only talented musically, they have a coolness about them and a quirky sense of humor too. Not much socially out there right now on them but I am looking forward to hearing and seeing some more from this group. Check out their Bandcamp page which houses their January 2016 release.  I likened them as a cross between, Accidental Seabirds and House of Thieves. Weird mix, cool mix, great vibe. 

Up for next week we have Cooke, Happy Abandon and This That and The Others

The choice selections from the evening: 

The Honey Hounds

HoneyHounds822_PShepherd-5 HoneyHounds822_PShepherd-11 HoneyHounds822_PShepherd-17 HoneyHounds822_PShepherd-23 HoneyHounds822_PShepherd-27 HoneyHounds822_PShepherd-32 HoneyHounds822_PShepherd-41 HoneyHounds822_PShepherd-48 HoneyHounds822_PShepherd-58 HoneyHounds822_PShepherd-68

The Vaughns

TheVaughns822_PShepherd-4 TheVaughns822_PShepherd-16 TheVaughns822_PShepherd-22 TheVaughns822_PShepherd-28 TheVaughns822_PShepherd-35 TheVaughns822_PShepherd-38 TheVaughns822_PShepherd-43 TheVaughns822_PShepherd-50 TheVaughns822_PShepherd-54 TheVaughns822_PShepherd-71


ManDancing822_PShepherd-16 ManDancing822_PShepherd-18 ManDancing822_PShepherd-28 ManDancing822_PShepherd-46 ManDancing822_PShepherd-61 ManDancing822_PShepherd-84 ManDancing822_PShepherd-114 ManDancing822_PShepherd-131 ManDancing822_PShepherd-140 ManDancing822_PShepherd-73

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