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SIMGE On The Scene: Thee Idea Men, Sam Pace & The Battery Electric Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd June 22, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

The official summer solstice hit on a perfect night and brought with it a sweltering Happy Mondays to open the week. 

Coming in from Philly, Thee Idea Men opened the night with a slew of new material and the celebration of a birthday for Guitarist Matt Raspanti. 

Traveling up from Texas and bringing some fine southern blues with them, Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit stopped by while on a three month tour of the country. We closed out the night with The Battery Electric who provided us with some new material of their own, offering us a little Motown soul in the middle of their bombastic set. 

The front lights on stage right were out and totally messed with me, so a few more black and white images than normal. It was a cave over there and because I am stubborn, well, lets leave it at that. 

The choice selections from the evening: 

Thee Idea Men

TheeIdeaMen620_PShepherd-8 TheeIdeaMen620_PShepherd-23 TheeIdeaMen620_PShepherd-29 TheeIdeaMen620_PShepherd-31 TheeIdeaMen620_PShepherd-33 TheeIdeaMen620_PShepherd-40 TheeIdeaMen620_PShepherd-47 TheeIdeaMen620_PShepherd-49 TheeIdeaMen620_PShepherd-50 TheeIdeaMen620_PShepherd-52

Sam Pace

SamPace620_PShepherd-5 SamPace620_PShepherd-13 SamPace620_PShepherd-18 SamPace620_PShepherd-20 SamPace620_PShepherd-32 SamPace620_PShepherd-42 SamPace620_PShepherd-55 SamPace620_PShepherd-61 SamPace620_PShepherd-76 SamPace620_PShepherd-105

The Battery Electric

BatteryElectric620_PShepherd-8 BatteryElectric620_PShepherd-17 BatteryElectric620_PShepherd-20 BatteryElectric620_PShepherd-24 BatteryElectric620_PShepherd-26 BatteryElectric620_PShepherd-28 BatteryElectric620_PShepherd-31 BatteryElectric620_PShepherd-37 BatteryElectric620_PShepherd-41 BatteryElectric620_PShepherd-46

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