SIMGE On The Scene: Doug Zambon, Tempt & No Venom Radio Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd September 28, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

This weeks Happy Mondays featured Tempt, rolling through from NYC with a sound akin to the hard rock bands that were incredibly popular in the late eighties. A quartet of fairly young gentlemen strutting their wares like the days of old. Good to see history is alive and well. 

Power duo, No Venom Radio, traveled in from Philly to give us a bit of a different take on that configuration. We are all familiar with our local favorites who rule with a guitar and drums, yet these guys did the bass and drums thing and sounded great.  

With every transition we go through, seasonally, monthly, we can always count on one constant to come through in the clutch. When one front man has to cancel their appearance, another one walks right in, steps on stage and gets to it without any hesitation. A 30 second sound check and Doug Zambon was into his acoustic set like he practiced for it. Good stuff. 

The choice selections from the evening:

Doug Zambon

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No Venom Radio 

novenomradio626_pshepherd-10 novenomradio626_pshepherd-17 novenomradio626_pshepherd-22 novenomradio626_pshepherd-43 novenomradio626_pshepherd-44 novenomradio626_pshepherd-45 novenomradio626_pshepherd-49 novenomradio626_pshepherd-54 novenomradio626_pshepherd-58 novenomradio626_pshepherd

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