SIMGE On The Scene: Fun While You Wait, Dentist & Beams Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd October 12, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

I had just covered a full day festival, a little bit on the aggressive side, so this weeks Happy Mondays was a perfect relaxer for me. A night of indie music that has become a staple of the weeks musical kickoff. Though, I think it was the end of the weekend for me.  

I can not explain why, but Fun While You Wait and Dentist, to me, sounded better than they ever have before. Perhaps it was all the distortion I heard the previous day, and they were just the perfect medicine for soothing my ears. But, they always do that anyway. Either way for a show I almost did not go too, I am very happy I went. I also went in with the idea of taking a break from posting to my personal IG account, riiiiiiiight. So did not happen. Kevin, the bass player from FWYW, is so photogenic. I have always liked his look, and of course I must promote him by sharing a shot. So, thanks Kevin for keeping me going. 

I do believe I heard a bit more of a punk influence coming from the folks in Dentist than usual. It was great seeing them on stage again. It has been a while for me. I kept their number one fan, the vacationing Cool Dad, in the fold too by sending him a shot of the performance. I should have grabbed a video for full measure.  

Closing the night out was a really cool band down from Toronto. While on their own tour, Dentist met the folks in Beams and were able to arrange a night in Jersey where they were both on the same bill. Love the camaraderie and loved the night. It was a great mix of song, a good crowd and as it is every Monday night, it was free. 

Up next for the weekly series we have Bonfire Falls, Cold Roses and Relms. Hope to see you there! 

The choice selections from the evening:

Fun While You Wait

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dentist1010_pshepherd-3 dentist1010_pshepherd-7 dentist1010_pshepherd-20 dentist1010_pshepherd-26 dentist1010_pshepherd-32 dentist1010_pshepherd-37 dentist1010_pshepherd-41 dentist1010_pshepherd-52 dentist1010_pshepherd-78 dentist1010_pshepherd-79


beams1010_pshepherd-3 beams1010_pshepherd-8 beams1010_pshepherd-11 beams1010_pshepherd-16 beams1010_pshepherd-19 beams1010_pshepherd-24 beams1010_pshepherd-36 beams1010_pshepherd-38 beams1010_pshepherd-47 beams1010_pshepherd-49

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