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SIMGE On The Scene: Psychiatric Metaphors, The LeMats and Prehistoric Forest Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd November 3, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

There had been so much Halloween over the weekend that when the actual day arrived I actually wondered why people were still dressing up. Silly me. Monday has been the end of my weekend for a couple of years now, so I guess it was a perfect topper to the continuous party. The Happy Mondays Spooktacular fared with a 50/50 mix of costumes and no costumes, the music still rolled like it does every week and we all had a great time reveling in the song. 

Kicking the night off for us in perfect fuzzadelic fashion was Brooklyn’s Psychiatric Metaphors. Next up, complete with masks were locals, The LeMats. Taking photos of these guys was a bit on the freaky side, looking at the faces totally broke my concentration.

Closing the night out was Prehistoric Forest. These guys have been getting themselves reenergized over the past year, and they are coming back with a fury. In the works are quite a few shows and a new EP. Stayed tuned for that one.  

Have to admit I was totally shot when the night was done. It was a long weekend and a heck of a lot of fun from start to finish. Stay tuned to the Dark City Entertainment page for the upcoming weeks show. It’s bound to be another good one. 

The choice selections from the evening:

Psychiatric Metaphors

psychhiatricmetaphors1031_pshepherd-6 psychhiatricmetaphors1031_pshepherd-12 psychhiatricmetaphors1031_pshepherd-15 psychhiatricmetaphors1031_pshepherd-16 psychhiatricmetaphors1031_pshepherd-26 psychhiatricmetaphors1031_pshepherd-28 psychhiatricmetaphors1031_pshepherd-33 psychhiatricmetaphors1031_pshepherd-37 psychhiatricmetaphors1031_pshepherd-40 psychhiatricmetaphors1031_pshepherd-45

The LeMats

thelemats1031_pshepherd-5 thelemats1031_pshepherd-17 thelemats1031_pshepherd-18 thelemats1031_pshepherd-19 thelemats1031_pshepherd-22 thelemats1031_pshepherd-27 thelemats1031_pshepherd-45 thelemats1031_pshepherd-51 thelemats1031_pshepherd-54 thelemats1031_pshepherd-55

Prehistoric Forest

prehistoricforest1031_pshepherd-3 prehistoricforest1031_pshepherd-11 prehistoricforest1031_pshepherd-15 prehistoricforest1031_pshepherd-19 prehistoricforest1031_pshepherd-43 prehistoricforest1031_pshepherd-48 prehistoricforest1031_pshepherd-50 prehistoricforest1031_pshepherd-53 prehistoricforest1031_pshepherd-57 prehistoricforest1031_pshepherd

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