SIMGE On The Scene: Doug Zambon, School Drugs and After the Burn Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd November 9, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

It was a high energy kick off to Happy Monday’s for the month of November. When I first saw the bill and it only had two bands I started to wonder, then I checked out the bands on that bill and pretty much knew right away who the opener was going to be.  

It was a punk rock night and even if it was with an acoustic guitar, Doug Zambon, even a bit under the weather, put in a great set to kick us off. I have shot Doug a bunch so I had to get something different in for him. So, short lens and up close. I normally chill and try not to distract the crowd or the entertainers that much, but I let Doug know I might be invading his space more than normal this night. No worries at all. Thanks dude. 

Things really cranked up with School Drugs. Hard, fast, and lots of energetic fun. Lacey township’s After the Burn closed the night out for us. This group plays music for their mental health. Sounds like a great reason to me, they will be at The Brighton Bar on November 17th. 

On tap for the next week’s edition we have Doc Emmet, North American, Well Wisher and Weakend Friends. See ya there!

The choice selections from the evening: 

Doug Zambon

dougzambon117_pshepherd-5 dougzambon117_pshepherd-11 dougzambon117_pshepherd-16 dougzambon117_pshepherd-21 dougzambon117_pshepherd-30

School Drugs

schooldrugs117_pshepherd-8 schooldrugs117_pshepherd-16 schooldrugs117_pshepherd-34 schooldrugs117_pshepherd-42 schooldrugs117_pshepherd-57 schooldrugs117_pshepherd-60 schooldrugs117_pshepherd-64 schooldrugs117_pshepherd-66 schooldrugs117_pshepherd-70 schooldrugs117_pshepherd-78

After the Burn

aftertheburn117_pshepherd-2 aftertheburn117_pshepherd-10 aftertheburn117_pshepherd-14 aftertheburn117_pshepherd-18 aftertheburn117_pshepherd-24 aftertheburn117_pshepherd-28 aftertheburn117_pshepherd-29 aftertheburn117_pshepherd-38 aftertheburn117_pshepherd-39 aftertheburn117_pshepherd-48

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