SIMGE On The Scene: Well Wisher, Doc Emmett, Weakened Friends & The North American Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd November 17, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

A night of interchangeable parts. That is how things started off at this weeks Happy Mondays. Well Wisher, constructed with members of Dollys and Toy Cars, began the show for us.  Natalie Newbold moved out to guitar and Mike Linardi slid in for some drum duty. It was very cool seeing Nat standing up and getting into the six string, she looked like she was having a great time. 

Doc Emmet came up next featuring the remainder of Toy Cars, with Matt DeBenedetti moving back to drums and Rob Talali coming in on Guitar. It is great to see all these mixes come to fruition from the camaraderie within the scene. 

Weakened Friends stopped by for a return to the Wonder Bar stage. This Maine based trio is always a great watch, quite spunky and with a fiery attitude! One last show in NY before they head back North.  

We closed out the night with a moody set from vampire lovers, The North American. A special thanks goes out to Matt Bodner from Lakehouse Music for sticking around and helping Frank out with the lights and fog machine. You all know how much I love that fog. Adds the perfect visual touch to the images. 

Coming up next we have Julian Fulton Band, The Ones You Forgot and Payday. 

The choice selections from the evening:

Well Wisher

wellwisher1114_pshepherd-2 wellwisher1114_pshepherd-6 wellwisher1114_pshepherd-13 wellwisher1114_pshepherd-18 wellwisher1114_pshepherd-24 wellwisher1114_pshepherd-34 wellwisher1114_pshepherd-45 wellwisher1114_pshepherd-48 wellwisher1114_pshepherd-63 wellwisher1114_pshepherd-67

Doc Emmett

docemmett1114_pshepherd-17 docemmett1114_pshepherd-26 docemmett1114_pshepherd-27 docemmett1114_pshepherd-34 docemmett1114_pshepherd-39 docemmett1114_pshepherd-47 docemmett1114_pshepherd-52 docemmett1114_pshepherd-54 docemmett1114_pshepherd-57 docemmett1114_pshepherd-61

Weekend Friends

weakenedfriends1114_pshepherd-6 weakenedfriends1114_pshepherd-16 weakenedfriends1114_pshepherd-25 weakenedfriends1114_pshepherd-27 weakenedfriends1114_pshepherd-34 weakenedfriends1114_pshepherd-45 weakenedfriends1114_pshepherd-52 weakenedfriends1114_pshepherd-61 weakenedfriends1114_pshepherd-65 weakenedfriends1114_pshepherd-83

The North American

northamerican1114_pshepherd-2 northamerican1114_pshepherd-7 northamerican1114_pshepherd-9 northamerican1114_pshepherd-15 northamerican1114_pshepherd-16 northamerican1114_pshepherd-18 northamerican1114_pshepherd-24 northamerican1114_pshepherd-27 northamerican1114_pshepherd-28 northamerican1114_pshepherd-48

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