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SIMGE On The Scene: Pepperwine, Waiting on Mongo & Pimps of Joytime Thrilled The Wonder Bar Crowd

Phil Shepherd March 26, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

It is not often you come across a bill that melds perfectly together. The sound and styles of one band complimenting the next, providing a crescendo of energy that leaves you quite restless after you are done and home. I witnessed the perfect trio Friday night at The Wonder Bar, and when I got home, I had a terrible time falling asleep because I was so jazzed up from the music. 

The perfect trio I refer to started off with Pepperwine. Rhythm without the blues, soulful feel making you groove. And when your groove starts jamming, you can bet that Waiting on Mongo is taking you on one of their journeys into the freedom of bounce and sway. Both of these bands were the perfect before performance elixir to the night’s headliner.

Pimps of Joytime added the funk to the rhythm and jams of the priors and got a rather full house moving in ways I can only describe as sensual. There may be other words for it, but this is the one that is sticking out in my mind right now. Ultimate feeling and expression adding in intimate contact with the musical styles rallied this group to great heights.  Starting out with an all acoustic number and building it up from there, the Brooklyn outfit was engaging and incredibly entertaining till the end. The group was also celebrating the release of their brand new offering, Third Wall Chronicles. Joy time indeed. 

The choice selections from the evening:


Pepperwine324_PShepherd-3 Pepperwine324_PShepherd-21 Pepperwine324_PShepherd-28 Pepperwine324_PShepherd-34 Pepperwine324_PShepherd-38 Pepperwine324_PShepherd-42 Pepperwine324_PShepherd-45 Pepperwine324_PShepherd-62 Pepperwine324_PShepherd-82 Pepperwine324_PShepherd-87

Waiting On Mongo

WOM324_PShepherd-4 WOM324_PShepherd-23 WOM324_PShepherd-29 WOM324_PShepherd-31 WOM324_PShepherd-41 WOM324_PShepherd-44 WOM324_PShepherd-46 WOM324_PShepherd-51 WOM324_PShepherd-54 WOM324_PShepherd-75

Pimps of Joytime   

POJT324_PShepherd-4 POJT324_PShepherd-47 POJT324_PShepherd-61 POJT324_PShepherd-68 POJT324_PShepherd-73 POJT324_PShepherd-109 POJT324_PShepherd-133 POJT324_PShepherd-148 POJT324_PShepherd-176 POJT324_PShepherd-201

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