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SIMGE On The Scene: Mr. Payday, The Ones You Forgot & Julian Fulton Band Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd November 22, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

This month is going a bit too fast for me. Thanksgiving week already. Not sure what happened there and where it went, but it is what we have. The one constant I look forward to every week is Happy Mondays. New and known bands share their time with us, there is always a surprise in store and it is the one night I religiously attend just to hear songs. The bill never matters. If you have not heard yet, the series will be going on hiatus for a bit at the end of the year, with a hopeful return in the spring. 

With that out of the way this week’s event featured a couple of new bands to the stage. Openers Mr. Payday and The Ones You Forgot. I will not be forgetting the rhythm section in either of these bands anytime soon. Tight! Both drummers were on point and fun to watch. Both bands covered each end of the spectrum age wise, which was great to see too.

Veteran Julian Fulton closed the night out with his full band in attendance. I could watch and listen to these guys for hours. I think Julian is an amazing musician and displays great presence during performances. Good stuff. 

Up next week for our post party weekend, actually I think the party is going to just keep going, taking the Wonder Bar stage is The Vansaders, Garden State Line and Tico. 

The choice selections from the evening:

Mr. Payday

mrpayday1121_pshepherd-3 mrpayday1121_pshepherd-9 mrpayday1121_pshepherd-13 mrpayday1121_pshepherd-20 mrpayday1121_pshepherd-23 mrpayday1121_pshepherd-25 mrpayday1121_pshepherd-27 mrpayday1121_pshepherd-42 mrpayday1121_pshepherd-45 mrpayday1121_pshepherd-50

The Ones You Forgot

toyf1121_pshepherd-5 toyf1121_pshepherd-22 toyf1121_pshepherd-45 toyf1121_pshepherd-51 toyf1121_pshepherd-54 toyf1121_pshepherd-55 toyf1121_pshepherd-56 toyf1121_pshepherd-61 toyf1121_pshepherd-66 toyf1121_pshepherd-76

Julian Fulton Band

julianfulton1121_pshepherd-11 julianfulton1121_pshepherd-25 julianfulton1121_pshepherd-32 julianfulton1121_pshepherd-36 julianfulton1121_pshepherd-39 julianfulton1121_pshepherd-42 julianfulton1121_pshepherd-56 julianfulton1121_pshepherd-60 julianfulton1121_pshepherd-65 julianfulton1121_pshepherd-76 julianfulton1121_pshepherd-77

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