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SIMGE On The Scene: Garden State Line, Tico, & The Vansaders Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd November 29, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

We end November with the feasts devoured, the Wonder Bar all decorated for the holidays, 60 degree temps not withstanding, and the music still pumping along. This week’s Happy Mondays was a special celebration for Wonder Bar employee Kevin Ihnen. The dude who keeps the wheels turning was able to pick a couple of bands for his birthday bill. 

The eclectic lineup got started with Garden State Line, a band I have not seen in a while. It was great to see Tam and the gang jamming on some tunes again.  While there is the occasional tinge of reggae influence coming from this quartet, the next band was all about the island feel.

Tico, is a recently formed project and for their first live set together, it was super smooth. Their reggae upstrokes were on the money. There should be some video from the night on them floating around somewhere. I saw three phones lit up and recording during their set. 

The Vansaders cranked out the last set of the night. Everyone was happy, Doug said he was going to break out the acoustic guitar and go solo for the last song, riiiiiiight. Instead, up the volume went and we all carried on.  

Stay tuned to the Dark City page for the December Lineup. I would imagine there are going to be a couple of ragers that are bound to go down.    

The choice selections from the evening:

Garden State Line

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tico1128_pshepherd-11 tico1128_pshepherd-14 tico1128_pshepherd-26 tico1128_pshepherd-31 tico1128_pshepherd-44 tico1128_pshepherd-50 tico1128_pshepherd-56 tico1128_pshepherd-69 tico1128_pshepherd-71 tico1128_pshepherd-77

The Vansaders

vansaders1128_pshepherd-7 vansaders1128_pshepherd-13 vansaders1128_pshepherd-14 vansaders1128_pshepherd-22 vansaders1128_pshepherd-31 vansaders1128_pshepherd-33 vansaders1128_pshepherd-45 vansaders1128_pshepherd-63 vansaders1128_pshepherd-78 vansaders1128_pshepherd-85

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