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SIMGE On The Scene: Sister Ancestor, Lunch Ladies, & Gravity Well Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd December 6, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

The final month of Happy Mondays kicked off this week in, I am going to have to say, surprising fashion. There was something in the atmosphere this night that transcended all good feelings even with the Jets stinking up the background. The first two bands of the evening I was unfamiliar with, so I had no idea what to expect. I consider this to be all part of the fun and in part, the best thing about going to see new and local music. 

Sister Ancestor opened us up and they gave off a really cool vibe. Awesome rhythm section, nice overlay of guitar work. They were a band that made you feel happy. I normally stay away from categorizing and comparing but for this I must. Think B52’s meet Dentist. Let that one sink in a bit. 

Lunch Ladies were up next and carried on with a dreamy mix of indie psychedelia. They are up for Top Young Band at the Asbury Music Awards this week. Hard for me to tell how young they are, their tunes did not display and hint of a new band. 

Closing out the night was Gravity Well, also a nominee for the awards show. This is one of my favorite bands to shoot, nary a bad shot ever coming out of their set. Always energetic and always a fun time with this crew.  

The choice selections from the evening:

Sister Ancestor

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Lunch Ladies

lunchladies125_pshepherd-9 lunchladies125_pshepherd-12 lunchladies125_pshepherd-13 lunchladies125_pshepherd-22 lunchladies125_pshepherd-24 lunchladies125_pshepherd-28 lunchladies125_pshepherd-37 lunchladies125_pshepherd-42 lunchladies125_pshepherd-48 lunchladies125_pshepherd-49

Gravity Well

gravitywell125_pshepherd-8 gravitywell125_pshepherd-17 gravitywell125_pshepherd-33 gravitywell125_pshepherd-34 gravitywell125_pshepherd-49 gravitywell125_pshepherd-54 gravitywell125_pshepherd-60 gravitywell125_pshepherd-63 gravitywell125_pshepherd-81 gravitywell125_pshepherd-84


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