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SIMGE On The Scene: The Wag, Underlined Passages, & Flammable Animals Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd December 14, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

This week’s Happy Mondays began with a really nice, indie folk act. The Wag, a quartet from Middletown, has some killer harmonies going and they performed with the perfect use of sparseness. Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Bongos and various percussive accessories. Definitely a peaceful and happy bunch. Great way to kick things off. 

Coming in from Baltimore we had Underlined Passages offering up some indie rock in fine fashion. Each song was really short though, which was a bit surprising. Their material was very strong and easy to listen to.

The night closed out with Flammable Animals. This pop-punk quartet kicked it into high gear for their set and sent us off on an energetic note. 

Next week. Next week is the LAST Happy Mondays of the year and the last for the foreseeable future. Come out and party with us and watch The Shady Street Show Band, Levy and the Oaks and Ron Santee send off what has consistently been a great run of shows. 

The Wag

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Underlined Passages

underlinedpassages1212_pshepherd-6 underlinedpassages1212_pshepherd-14 underlinedpassages1212_pshepherd-23 underlinedpassages1212_pshepherd-27 underlinedpassages1212_pshepherd-28 underlinedpassages1212_pshepherd-35 underlinedpassages1212_pshepherd-42 underlinedpassages1212_pshepherd-49 underlinedpassages1212_pshepherd-61 underlinedpassages1212_pshepherd-73

Flammable Animals

flammableanimals1212_pshepherd-4 flammableanimals1212_pshepherd-12 flammableanimals1212_pshepherd-16 flammableanimals1212_pshepherd-22 flammableanimals1212_pshepherd-31 flammableanimals1212_pshepherd-35 flammableanimals1212_pshepherd-38 flammableanimals1212_pshepherd-46 flammableanimals1212_pshepherd-52 flammableanimals1212_pshepherd-65

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