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SIMGE On The Scene: Ron Santee, Shady Street Show Band & Levy and the Oaks Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd December 21, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

The final Happy Mondays of the year, and possibly the series, concluded this week with a huge party. The event was bittersweet for me as I began this journey of mine almost three years ago with this weekly gathering. I have witnessed so much great music courtesy of Dark City Entertainment, both from local groups and touring acts, that it is going to be be a bit strange when it hits me that my Monday nights are not going to be spent at The Wonder Bar. I figure this is going to happen after the holidays, probably in the second or third week of January. There is much talk that the series will be back in the spring, and I know even there are many, many people that would like to see that happen. It is such a great event with fantastic community of people. Rock on. 

Opening up the festivities was Mr. Ron Santee. Now I am still trying to figure this one out because I have seen him in a bunch of different scenarios, he sounded better than I have ever heard before. Dude was on. Even when the boom on his mike stand dropped, he just went right with it, went indian style on the floor and continued like it was nothing. Ron will be with the Jolly Daggers on the 27th at The Saint. 

Long time favorites and rhythm and blues masters The Shady Street Show Band hit up the stage next and provided us with another amazing set. Not sure what to say about them that has not already been said. 

Closing the night out were another local band, Levy and the Oaks. This quartet visited Happy Mondays a few months ago when they were just starting out. I liked them the first time I saw them and since then, they have perfected their sound, did some extensive gigging and are fresh off their initial album release. Outstanding end to a beautiful night. 

The choice selections from the evening:

Ron Santee

ronsantee1219_pshepherd-6 ronsantee1219_pshepherd-10 ronsantee1219_pshepherd-11 ronsantee1219_pshepherd-18 ronsantee1219_pshepherd-38

Shady Street Show Band

shadystreet1219_pshepherd-7 shadystreet1219_pshepherd-13 shadystreet1219_pshepherd-23 shadystreet1219_pshepherd-25 shadystreet1219_pshepherd-29 shadystreet1219_pshepherd-34 shadystreet1219_pshepherd-39 shadystreet1219_pshepherd-47 shadystreet1219_pshepherd-59

Levy and the Oaks

levyoaks1219_pshepherd-13 levyoaks1219_pshepherd-25 levyoaks1219_pshepherd-26 levyoaks1219_pshepherd-29 levyoaks1219_pshepherd-31 levyoaks1219_pshepherd-36 levyoaks1219_pshepherd-40 levyoaks1219_pshepherd-45 levyoaks1219_pshepherd-69 levyoaks1219_pshepherd-74


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