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SIMGE On The Scene: Little Vicious, Yawn Mower & Gay Guy/Straight Guy Welcomed Back Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd May 3, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

Happy Mondays has returned! For me, this is the one event I will attend without looking to see who is playing. Unless we get a request, I am going to shows that have piqued my interest, but for the past tree years this weekly series has had my undivided attention. And there has been some damn fine music coming through. Some may say – But it is a Monday night and I have to work the next day….So do I. We are normally done between 11:30 and midnight. Plenty of time to get home and get some rest. Oh, and it is still free. And the weekend crowds are gone. Good hangs. Did I mention how great the tunes are? 

Anyway, check out the schedule for the month and come on over. This weeks adventures had a distinct theme to it. Three bands, each made up of just guitar and drums. Pure, in your face love right there. Crank it up and let it hang out. Opening with Little Vicious and their punk edged classic rock, there was some really good energy going around the room. The hazer was in full effect and I was in Photo heaven. 

The indie road stylings of Yawn Mower hit it next and we closed with the always powerful, GayGuy/StraightGuy. It was a great turn out crowd wise and a great night musically.

The line up for next week features Chris Brown, Small Talk and The Everymen. 

The Choice selections from the evening:

Little Vicious

LittleVicious51_PShepherd-3 LittleVicious51_PShepherd-10 LittleVicious51_PShepherd-17 LittleVicious51_PShepherd-19 LittleVicious51_PShepherd-26 LittleVicious51_PShepherd-36 LittleVicious51_PShepherd-48 LittleVicious51_PShepherd-67 LittleVicious51_PShepherd-76 LittleVicious51_PShepherd-90

Yawn Mower

YawnMower51_PShepherd-8 YawnMower51_PShepherd-15 YawnMower51_PShepherd-33 YawnMower51_PShepherd-60 YawnMower51_PShepherd-79 YawnMower51_PShepherd-93 YawnMower51_PShepherd-96 YawnMower51_PShepherd-105 YawnMower51_PShepherd-109 YawnMower51_PShepherd-125

GayGuy StraightGuy   

GGSG51_PShepherd-4 GGSG51_PShepherd-11 GGSG51_PShepherd-20 GGSG51_PShepherd-26 GGSG51_PShepherd-40 GGSG51_PShepherd-44 GGSG51_PShepherd-74 GGSG51_PShepherd-78 GGSG51_PShepherd-86 GGSG51_PShepherd-92

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