SIMGE On The Scene: Chris Brown, Smalltalk & Everymen Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd May 10, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

Everymen stopped by to headline Happy Mondays this week in support of their new release “May Ashes Have Stories to Tell”. Coming up from Florida for a tour of the northeast, the five-piece act adds a punk attitude into some hardcore hillbilly folk and combines it with a truly energetic and entertaining stage show complete with crowd participation. They even broke out some styrofoam noodles at the end, spread them about the crowd and enticed some mild mannered jousting and swordplay. And when you take the upright bass and use it for a little limbo activity, well, I am not sure how to describe that. Something you just do not see every day, but a sight to see indeed. A set certainly fit for some stories to tell.

Mr. Chris Brown opened up the night and since I recently saw him, it was time to play with a few attempts at some double exposures. Solo acts are normally a perfect opportunity for me to mess around with these, just do not always remember to do them but they create a really cool effect. 

Smalltalk took the middle slot. I recently saw a post from them about avoiding the Happy Mondays series, all in jest I do believe because they looked very content on the stage and I for one am glad they performed. Mike recently did a feature on them which you can check out here

On Tap for next week is a solo Mackenzie Brown, Pioneer the Eel and Levy and the Oaks. 

The Choice selections from the evening:

Chris Brown

ChrisBrown58_PShepherd-10 ChrisBrown58_PShepherd-14 ChrisBrown58_PShepherd-19 ChrisBrown58_PShepherd-25 ChrisBrown58_PShepherd-28 ChrisBrown58_PShepherd-34

Small Talk

SmallTalk58_PShepherd-6 SmallTalk58_PShepherd-9 SmallTalk58_PShepherd-14 SmallTalk58_PShepherd-21 SmallTalk58_PShepherd-25 SmallTalk58_PShepherd-30 SmallTalk58_PShepherd-31 SmallTalk58_PShepherd-37 SmallTalk58_PShepherd-41 SmallTalk58_PShepherd-45


Everymen58_PShepherd-4 Everymen58_PShepherd-13 Everymen58_PShepherd-21 Everymen58_PShepherd-26 Everymen58_PShepherd-31 Everymen58_PShepherd-47 Everymen58_PShepherd-59 Everymen58_PShepherd-64 Everymen58_PShepherd-66 Everymen58_PShepherd-83 Everymen58_PShepherd-90

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