SIMGE On The Scene: Chris Brown, Above the Moon, Levy & the Oaks and Deaf Rhino Played Jersey Rock Showcase

Phil Shepherd February 17, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

The folks over at Jersey Rock and The WRAT held their second showcase of the winter at the Wonder Bar. It was great to back and catch up with a bunch of familiar faces many of whom were constants at the Happy Mondays series. The Yeungling sponsored event brought in a great line up for the night.

Mr. local, Chris Brown, kicked things off and in between his acoustic serenades, threw in a few very lively stories about his historical jaunts around town.  

A band I had never seen took up its place and produced a really cool set. Above the Moon is an Alt-Indie, female fronted quartet hailing from Madison, NJ. Great vibe, good energy and another fun to watch drummer for me to capture. 

The highlight of my night, and another band that I have witnessed grow over the past year, is Levy & the Oaks. These guys have developed into one of the sweetest sounding acts around. Arrangements that soothe, amazing harmonies, and great depth.  To top it off, they are dripping with style, and of course as a photo type, that means bonus points in my book.  

Deaf Rhino closed out our night with a bunch of fresh material in their set. They have been holed up in the studio for the past couple of months recording and creating, so much that this was their first gig of the year. I will not be the one to be the spoiler so I will just say the new stuff sounds great! Should be a few months before the finished product is let loose, looking forward to that one for sure. 

The Jersey Rock Showcase continues next Thursday at Pauls Tavern in Belmar. On the bill is Backyard Superheroes, 18th and Addison, Engage and Coevally.  Another eclectic affair of goodness. 

The Choice Selections from the evening:

Chris Brown

ChrisBrown216_PShepherd-5 ChrisBrown216_PShepherd-9 ChrisBrown216_PShepherd-11 ChrisBrown216_PShepherd-15 ChrisBrown216_PShepherd-27

Above the Moon

AbivetheMoon216_PShepherd-8 AbivetheMoon216_PShepherd-16 AbivetheMoon216_PShepherd-25 AbivetheMoon216_PShepherd-29 AbivetheMoon216_PShepherd-44 AbivetheMoon216_PShepherd-57 AbivetheMoon216_PShepherd-62 AbivetheMoon216_PShepherd-63 AbivetheMoon216_PShepherd-74 AbivetheMoon216_PShepherd-81

Levy and the Oaks

LevyOaks216_PShepherd-14 LevyOaks216_PShepherd-31 LevyOaks216_PShepherd-37 LevyOaks216_PShepherd-40 LevyOaks216_PShepherd-52 LevyOaks216_PShepherd-82 LevyOaks216_PShepherd-85 LevyOaks216_PShepherd-88 LevyOaks216_PShepherd-96 LevyOaks216_PShepherd-105

Deaf Rhino    

DeafRhino216_PShepherd-3 DeafRhino216_PShepherd-9 DeafRhino216_PShepherd-13 DeafRhino216_PShepherd-41 DeafRhino216_PShepherd-56 DeafRhino216_PShepherd-64 DeafRhino216_PShepherd-70 DeafRhino216_PShepherd-82 DeafRhino216_PShepherd-91 DeafRhino216_PShepherd-96

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