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SIMGE On The Scene: Rad Horror, The Cold Seas, Blame Candy & Deal Casino Played The Saint

Phil Shepherd February 20, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

A Sunday night in the middle of February. Just reading that it sounds depressing. However, if that Sunday was February 19 and you were at The Saint, it was anything but. What an insane night of song that was presented us, so much energy in the building and so many people came out to see this four band bill. 

Starting off the party was a relatively new band from the Union County area, Rad Horror. A little bit indie rock, and a little bit of that 80’s English new wave going on here. It’s like I struck pay dirt with these bands lately. Can not go wrong here. Not much of a bio on them out there, thinking we may have to get to know them a little better in the near future. 

A big welcome home to The Cold Seas. They have been on the west coast getting in some recording lately. First gig in a while for the guys and they even broke out a few of the new tunes for us to enjoy. Again, no spoilers here, but you are going to like them. 

And then things started to get crazy. Coming over from the Philly area, dressed in mod outfits and giving us a complete show, Blame Candy was the highlight of this night for me. This quartet was tight musically, their stage show and presence was dialed in so tight I could not take my eyes off them the entire set. Charisma exemplified. And they had a throw back new wave style going. Freaking heaven. They said they will be back this way soon, this is one show you need to see. So much fun. 

My affinity for Deal Casino is well stated, I have not seen them in a few months, but tonight was different. So up until their setm I had room to maneuver in front of the stage, not so much once they started. No elbow room any longer.

The first thing I noticed was the smiles on the guy’s faces. They always have fun, and always make it fun but this was different. It is almost like they were in disbelief on what they were seeing. A room full of fans, their fans, from front to back. Singing along word by word, waving their arms, smiling and having a great time. I did a lot of people watching during their set, true blue and die hard love going on there.

During their final song,  while breaking it down a bit, softer and softer, twenty or so of the people in the very front sat on the floor and Joe P gave them a little close in serenade. When they were done, or thought they were done, the crowd did not move an inch. They proceeded to come back in and give us three more tunes, expending all remaining energy they had left. What a thing of beauty, what a great night all around.

The choice selections from the evening:

Rad Horror

RadHorror219_PShepherd-5 RadHorror219_PShepherd-11 RadHorror219_PShepherd-24 RadHorror219_PShepherd-30 RadHorror219_PShepherd-35 RadHorror219_PShepherd-54 RadHorror219_PShepherd-56 RadHorror219_PShepherd-65 RadHorror219_PShepherd-77

The Cold Seas

ColdSeas219_PShepherd-9 ColdSeas219_PShepherd-14 ColdSeas219_PShepherd-30 ColdSeas219_PShepherd-41 ColdSeas219_PShepherd-44 ColdSeas219_PShepherd-67 ColdSeas219_PShepherd-71 ColdSeas219_PShepherd-74 ColdSeas219_PShepherd-76 ColdSeas219_PShepherd-80

Blame Candy

BlameCandy219_PShepherd-23 BlameCandy219_PShepherd-35 BlameCandy219_PShepherd-59 BlameCandy219_PShepherd-61 BlameCandy219_PShepherd-82 BlameCandy219_PShepherd-86 BlameCandy219_PShepherd-89 BlameCandy219_PShepherd-94 BlameCandy219_PShepherd-116 BlameCandy219_PShepherd-131 BlameCandy219_PShepherd

Deal Casino 

DealCasino219_PShepherd-9 DealCasino219_PShepherd-61 DealCasino219_PShepherd-75 DealCasino219_PShepherd-88 DealCasino219_PShepherd-92 DealCasino219_PShepherd-98 DealCasino219_PShepherd-104 DealCasino219_PShepherd-114 DealCasino219_PShepherd-119 DealCasino219_PShepherd-134


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