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SIMGE On The Scene: Amaranthe, Failure Anthem, Citizen Zero & Cypher 16 Played House of Independents

Phil Shepherd March 13, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

The midweek nights were filled with part of an annual project I do, but before I knew it, Fryday was here and off to House of Independents I went. Time to get my heavy on. It had been a while since I have taken in some good sounding metalesque type song and this night was a perfect night to fill the need. Though when it started snowing that morning, I had visions of mother nature canceling another show I had my eyes set on. She was kind enough to give us a break for the start of the weekend, precipitation wise anyway. I guess by the time we put this one up, everyone will be clearing out from the latest storm to hit our area.

Another five band bill on tap, but this time the event had a 630 start time. I did not shoot the openers, Sweden’s Smash Into Pieces, but did get there in time to catch half of their set and enjoy my customary preshow beverage to get me ready for the rest of the festivities.

Time to go to work and the first band for my eyes and ears was Cypher 16. The London quartet hit the spot, crunching their way throughout a 30 minute set. Prime real estate was taken up before I got there so I ended up shooting in between and over heads for most of the night, occasionally squeezing n some views without obstructions.

A band I saw a couple of months ago, and have been jamming out to since last summer, took the stage next. Citizen Zero is the unique identifier on this 8 week North American tour as they are the only mainstream hardrock act on the bill. Lead singer Josh Lemay has such a good rock voice and he makes it look natural and effortless. Josh announced they will be coming around again soon so we will be keeping an eye out for that one.

North Carolina’s Failure Anthem just went through a changeover with their lead singer shortly before they hit the road. Sounded great and did not miss a beat. I am unfamiliar with them and they piqued my interest so I will be adding them to my list of bands to follow and checking out more of their song. Really good energy and the overall sound was perfect for this bill.

First time seeing the headliner and it will not be the last. I have to bring my wife to see them when they come back, she was quite disappointed she could not attend this outing. Amaranthe puts on a great show. Pro act all the way. The six piece band has been around for a few years, hail from Sweden, and have the most unique sound going. They retain that metal crunch musically, and do it very well, but they stand out by the lead singers. Yes plural. Three fronts, all different and all complement each other. Before the encore, the bass player came out and had some fun with the crowd and ripped off a line that was directed about is band, but one that epitomizes the whole night. “It’s not metal, it’s just good music”. Never have truer words been spoken.

The choice selections from the evening:

Cypher 16

Cypher16310_PShepherd-13 Cypher16310_PShepherd-22 Cypher16310_PShepherd-26 Cypher16310_PShepherd-35 Cypher16310_PShepherd-42 Cypher16310_PShepherd-46 Cypher16310_PShepherd-49 Cypher16310_PShepherd-59 Cypher16310_PShepherd-64 Cypher16310_PShepherd-67

Citizen Zero

CitizenZero310_PShepherd-6 CitizenZero310_PShepherd-14 CitizenZero310_PShepherd-22 CitizenZero310_PShepherd-35 CitizenZero310_PShepherd-42 CitizenZero310_PShepherd-53 CitizenZero310_PShepherd-70 CitizenZero310_PShepherd-98 CitizenZero310_PShepherd-111 CitizenZero310_PShepherd-120

Failure Anthem

FailureAnthem310_PShepherd-5 FailureAnthem310_PShepherd-14 FailureAnthem310_PShepherd-28 FailureAnthem310_PShepherd-29 FailureAnthem310_PShepherd-38 FailureAnthem310_PShepherd-39 FailureAnthem310_PShepherd-42 FailureAnthem310_PShepherd-48 FailureAnthem310_PShepherd-53 FailureAnthem310_PShepherd-65


Armaranthe310_PShepherd-19 Armaranthe310_PShepherd-24 Armaranthe310_PShepherd-38 Armaranthe310_PShepherd-78 Armaranthe310_PShepherd-87 Armaranthe310_PShepherd-95 Armaranthe310_PShepherd-99 Armaranthe310_PShepherd-109 Armaranthe310_PShepherd-127 Armaranthe310_PShepherd-149

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