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Deal Casino

I am a huge fan of early Deal Casino – LA, Hurricane, Bang, Bang, Bang, so I have been very hesitant to admit I was thoroughly confused when the guys pulled a change of direction on us. What were these new sounds coming out, why did they take the old tunes off the Spotify playlist, what the heck is going on? It took me a long while to come to terms with this, but in the back of my head I suspected there was a bigger and broader picture being painted. Well, now we know and once again I am left shaking my head in disbelief regarding the amazing quality of music they continue to produce. I originally wanted to turf this one up the chain to a journalist that would do it justice. I am a photo type and not really a writer but these guys have been so close to the heart over the past few years, I just figured I’d be the one to share my thoughts.

We have arrived at this destination after a string of strategically released EP’s. This self titled, full length offering from the Asbury Park based quartet has made its way to the public eye. And it is a good one. Revamping their approach with an album full of tastefully crafted and mature offerings, this release has been playing through my ears for about three weeks now and it gets better and better each time I listen to it.  At one sitting, I thought to myself, if the Beatles were still around would this be what they would sound like? Gone are the rock and pop sounds of young men finding their way though a muddled industry. We are hearing a complete package of music, full sounding, direct and meaningful.

We open with My Gun. This may be the first of the new tunes I heard during a live show and introduces the extensive use of synth style keyboards to the mix. Red Balloons has a really cool beat going and is about as alternative as it gets on this one and was a favorite of mine during their live shows.  This is one of the two songs on the release in which I think has a very good chance to garner mainstream success. Chelsea’s Wedding is the tune that brings it all together. And by that I mean everything, from Cocaine Love till now. (Joe is cringing). Human Cannonball has been a staple of the live show and was the title track from a three song EP released over the winter. This one reaches your deep into your soul and is just full of emotion.

Blueberry Pop may be my favorite song off the album, it retains some of the old DC feel, love the acoustic guitar undertones, and, it has given me goosebumps on more the one occasion. For a song to do that to me, it has to be very, very special. Panama Papers sounds like it is incredibly fun to play, also incredibly difficult. This one will stay in your heads long after you hear it. Purple, oh how I love the White album. I can see Mr. Medicine being the other commercially successful track. Living Skinny, its good to be different, just do not alienate yourself too much, as much as we need our own unique personalities, there has to be a little bit of conformity in our psyches somewhere. A minuscule amount. The album closes out with the track called Lala Land. It will not put you in a slumber, but just may put you in a dreamland of tranquility wondering what is up next for this group. Time to tour guys, time to tour.

July 21st release party at The Stone Pony. Get there early, gonna be a crazy night.

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