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SIMGE On The Scene: Can’t Swim, Milly, Latewaves & The Greater Victory Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd July 26, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

I can remember this was a regular weekly occurrence not too long ago. A Monday night and the Wonder Bar would be jam packed with people, a mix of local and touring bands on the stage sharing some great tunes, spreading their owns brands of energy and love. Happy Mondays this week was a thing of the past, or perhaps just the beginning of the new future. There has been so much talk of the change that is occurring in Asbury, much of it concerning to the locals and the frequent visitors to the area. Change can be hard, change can be good but everything always comes back around in the end, and some things, just remain ever present. The one constant that has been around for the thirty years I have been tooling around the area has been the music. There is always music. 

The fare for this night had a bit of an edge to it. The night even closed out with a mosh pit which I can not remember ever seeing at Happy Mondays. Alt pop-punk or however it is classified was the theme. To me though, it was just good music. A couple of touring bands opened up the night, both from Pennsylvania. The Greater Victory, a four piece emo tinged act kicked things off. Much to my surprise though, it was an earlier than early start and they were already half way through their set when I arrived. Grabbed a couple images for the social share while I settled in for the onslaught to come. 

So I guess the start of my night really commenced with Milly. Returning to the Wonder Bar stage to the delight of many, the 5 piece was “lightest” of the four bands for the night. Smooth with an edge, and a little poppy. I turned around at one point and people were everywhere digging the sounds. Enhanced that warm, fuzzy feeling I was getting dramatically. 

The Jersey reps were up next with locals Latewaves doing their thing, keeping the energy high and after they had completed their set things got tight. Back home and in between tours of their own, Can’t Swim tore it up and we were in overdrive. The group released their first full length offering, Fail You Again, in March. I  am not sure how to convey my next thought without sounding, well, uncouth to someone so I will keep it simple. Andrea, you Rock! Have to admit I do not think I have seen Can’t Swim before. Fantastic ending to the night and a helluva way to begin the week. 

The choice selections from the evening:


Milly724_PShepherd-19 Milly724_PShepherd-21 Milly724_PShepherd-30 Milly724_PShepherd-41 Milly724_PShepherd-52 Milly724_PShepherd-74 Milly724_PShepherd-80 Milly724_PShepherd-84 Milly724_PShepherd-99 Milly724_PShepherd-107


Latewaves724_PShepherd-2 Latewaves724_PShepherd-5 Latewaves724_PShepherd-14 Latewaves724_PShepherd-15 Latewaves724_PShepherd-21 Latewaves724_PShepherd-54 Latewaves724_PShepherd-70 Latewaves724_PShepherd-81 Latewaves724_PShepherd-92 Latewaves724_PShepherd-100

Can’t Swim

CantSwim724_PShepherd-8 CantSwim724_PShepherd-15 CantSwim724_PShepherd-21 CantSwim724_PShepherd-30 CantSwim724_PShepherd-51 CantSwim724_PShepherd-66 CantSwim724_PShepherd-82 CantSwim724_PShepherd-86 CantSwim724_PShepherd-90 CantSwim724_PShepherd-123


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