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SIMGE on the Scene: Bad Cop/Bad Cop, New Years Day, Beartooth + More Played Warped Tour

Phil Shepherd August 13, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments
This years Warped Tour has come though our area, left its mark, and traveled on. All in the blink of an eye. Seems like yesterday, but it has already been one month since it rolled on through. I chose to hit up the Camden stop for this years festivities, partly to be different and partly because I wanted to see what the world was like on the west coast of New Jersey. Sure, it would have been nice going to Holmdel or if I wanted to trek it, Jones Beach, but this is the one that worked itself into my schedule. The real challenge was figuring out which bands I was going to take in. The Warped tour always gives you a nice variety of music to choose from so it really depends on how close things are to each other and how easy it is to get to the next stage. Fortunately, the hosts always put two stages right next to each other so you can just hop back and forth if so desired. The problem lies when you need to traverse the lots to catch an act, it is a long day and not one you can cover by yourself. Next year I may enlist one of my counterparts to cover it with me so we can share the full experience.

The weather for the day was great right up until the end when the skies let loose and spoiled the last two sets I wanted to catch. I packed as sparse as possible and I did not include rain covers for the gear and this led me to just a tad bit of paranoia. Kind of ironic when these were the lightest things I could have included. Note added for next years gear list. Gate times were a bit squirrley, opening 30 minutes before the first band goes on. Packing thousands of people into an area is not a quick process. I had no idea 18th and Addison was opening the day until I got in and picked up set times. Missed them by 15 minutes.

So, the music. I was lucky enough to have most of the bands I had checked off concentrated in the same area.  71 bands on the day, I took in 11 of them. Seems like nothing, but it was so much. Notables I caught – Bad Cop/Bad Cop, CKY, American Authors, The Ataris, Beartooth, William Control, Jule Vera and Alestorm.

There were two that stood out the most for me. The first being New Years Day, a female fronted, melodic, metal outfit from California. I think they call it metalcore nowadays? Think Halestorm meets Flyleaf. Aggressive and tight with a polished stage show. A pleasure to watch and very pleasing to the ears.

The second favorite of the day was a group from Austin, Fire From the Gods. These guys were straight up in your face, gut grabbing, head banging sweethearts. They share their message through metal, but underneath the ass kicking front they reveal a very personable and grateful persona. They will be hitting our area again on September 9th at The Stanhope House. If you are a fan of Sevendust you will want to check these guys out.

A few of the choice selections from each group:

Good Cop Bad Cop
WarpedCamden171_PShepherd-8 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-16 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-18 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-28 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-29
Fire From the Gods
WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-53 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-56 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-58 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-93 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-95
The Ataris
WarpedCamden171_PShepherd-65 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-128 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-131 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-132 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-140
Jule Vera
WarpedCamden171_PShepherd-111 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-159 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-190 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-194 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-199
New Years Day
WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-263 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-266 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-271 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-278 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-315
WarpedCamden171_PShepherd-179 WarpedCamden171_PShepherd-180 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-359 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-371 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-383
American Author
WarpedCamden171_PShepherd-203 WarpedCamden171_PShepherd-234 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-399 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-417 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-421
William Control
WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-437 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-457 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-468 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-471 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-472
WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-489 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-491 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-492 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-507 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-524
Warped_PShepherd-541 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-544 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-567 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-569 WarpedCamden172_PShepherd-576


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