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SIMGE On The Scene: Bobby Mahoney kicked off the summer with Mack, The Burns, Tula Vera and Tommy London

Phil Shepherd July 1, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments
Summer is indeed in full swing now. The heat has taken hold and already melted the brains. Which does not take much actually because when the summer kickoff party at House of Independents went down a few weeks ago, I had everything prepped and ready to go, but when I got back from my trip I found the contents still in my drafts folder, feeling very neglected, I could not help but shake my head. Too much going on apparently. I have one more trip upcoming and hopefully after that one I can regain some focus towards what is going on around here.
So, Summer Kickoff party. House of Independents style. Been a few months since I have taken a show in there. Really like that place, the lights can be super awesome and the sound is dialed in right nice. We kicked off the night with the final show ever for MACK. Mind you, this was the final show for this configuration of Mackenzie Brown’s musical artistry. Life happens, up on to the next step in the evolution of a growing artist. Can not wait to see what that step is going to have in store for us. We will keep you posted as we hear about it.

Tula Vera is a quartet that brought their loving quirkiness up on stage to share their own song. I saw the Montclair based group at The Pony last and their sound has definitely been honed in. I want to say it has a little EMO influence going, but I really do not know what the hell that means. Their bio says garage rock, but I am going to stick with the alternative moniker and call it a day. They are much more than just garage rock.

The record skips and I repeat myself. The Burns have had a bunch of play around here this year. They continue to just amaze me with their fun loving and passionate display of performing. AND two guys with their own special video short clips. We have mentioned Sushi with Fern before, recently Joey Henderson has come out with a great new presentation entitled “Making Things with Frienderson”. Do check it out. Oh yeah, The Burns will be playing a slew of dates over the summer so check them out too!
Host Bobby Mahoney invited two friends to play before he took the stage. Tommy London and Matt Hogan traveled down from NYC to round out the acts before Bobby Mahoney and The Seventh Son took the stage. Dudes were rock solid and very seasoned professionals.
Bobby has grown before our eyes and it has been really cool to see. I remember he had a tinge of punk going on in his tunes when I first saw him, now we are hearing very polished rock-n-roll songs. This is another band that has developed a great following and has gathered some serious steam in our area. They are coming off a recent video release for “Called it Quits”.  Bobby also has a slew of dates for July set down so be sure and stop by and say hi to him.
The choice selections from the evening:
MACK614_PShepherd-18 MACK614_PShepherd-25 MACK614_PShepherd-27 MACK614_PShepherd-33 MACK614_PShepherd-37 MACK614_PShepherd-40 MACK614_PShepherd-48 MACK614_PShepherd-62 MACK614_PShepherd-96
Tula Vera
TulaVera614_PShepherd-8 TulaVera614_PShepherd-9 TulaVera614_PShepherd-12 TulaVera614_PShepherd-20 TulaVera614_PShepherd-25 TulaVera614_PShepherd-28 TulaVera614_PShepherd-34 TulaVera614_PShepherd-58
The Burns
TheBurns614_PShepherd-25 TheBurns614_PShepherd-47 TheBurns614_PShepherd-55 TheBurns614_PShepherd-72 TheBurns614_PShepherd-95 TheBurns614_PShepherd-100 TheBurns614_PShepherd-113 TheBurns614_PShepherd-116 TheBurns614_PShepherd-129
Tommy Monday/Matt Hogan
TLondonMhogan614_PShepherd-3 TLondonMhogan614_PShepherd-7 TLondonMhogan614_PShepherd-26 TLondonMhogan614_PShepherd-29 TLondonMhogan614_PShepherd-37
Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son
BMahoney614_PShepherd-42 BMahoney614_PShepherd-45 BMahoney614_PShepherd-56 BMahoney614_PShepherd-65 BMahoney614_PShepherd-73 BMahoney614_PShepherd-85 BMahoney614_PShepherd-93 BMahoney614_PShepherd-115 BMahoney614_PShepherd-119


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