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SIMGE On The Scene: Banditos, MiZ & Animal Masks Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd September 20, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments
I am not sure if Jose had an impact on the turn out at this week’s Happy Mondays, but if this was the reason why this weeks attendance was a bit sparse, I do not understand. It was one of those nights where I was still amped up when I got home and had a hard time getting into sleep mode.  If you follow along closely enough you may have figured out I have a great penchant for the south for that is where my roots are from. So this was a great night for me musically.
The night started off with New Jersey’s Animal Masks. A post-punk, grungy, new wave-influenced trio. You could tell these guys have fun doing what they do, their energy was contagious and set us up perfectly for the rest of the night.
Coming out of Scranton PA and no stranger to Asbury, Mike Mizwinski brought his trio in for this night and just smoked his set. New fan here. Dude covered multiple styles of fast pickin’, strummin’, jammin’ and crooning and left me with such warm feelings that he is in my ears as I pen this. No one has ever given me flashbacks to my Dixie Dregs days until now. I had that head shaking, feet moving thing going down hard. Pure, clean fun.
My head was shaking for a few different reason during the closing set. Mainly in awe of the talent that graced the stage to send us home. Stopping by from the deep south, Alabama’s Banditos stole our souls and brightened the dreary evening the former hurricane left us with. This six-piece was a throwback to some old fashioned rock n roll. Lead singer Mary Beth Richardson is compared to Janis Joplin for good reason. Soul and emotions for days. The sounds were full but they were also loose in a very tight way. Each member having an integral part in the unique sound they give out. Honky Tonk? Perhaps. But as I always say, just great music that needs to be heard.
The choice selections from the evening:
Animal Masks
AnimalMasks918_PShepherd-3 AnimalMasks918_PShepherd-7 AnimalMasks918_PShepherd-17 AnimalMasks918_PShepherd-29 AnimalMasks918_PShepherd-30 AnimalMasks918_PShepherd-33 AnimalMasks918_PShepherd-39 AnimalMasks918_PShepherd-42 AnimalMasks918_PShepherd-49 AnimalMasks918_PShepherd-66
MiZ Trio
MikeMiz918_PShepherd-11 MikeMiz918_PShepherd-19 MikeMiz918_PShepherd-22 MikeMiz918_PShepherd-30 MikeMiz918_PShepherd-37 MikeMiz918_PShepherd-43 MikeMiz918_PShepherd-50 MikeMiz918_PShepherd-66 MikeMiz918_PShepherd-68 MikeMiz918_PShepherd-71
Banditos918_PShepherd-2 Banditos918_PShepherd-19 Banditos918_PShepherd-41 Banditos918_PShepherd-49 Banditos918_PShepherd-62 Banditos918_PShepherd-71 Banditos918_PShepherd-78 Banditos918_PShepherd-81 Banditos918_PShepherd-82 Banditos918_PShepherd-87


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