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SIMGE On The Scene: CR and the Degenerates, The Clydes and Quality Living played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd November 1, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments
It was a North Jersey themed, Sniffling Indie Kids/Mint 400 records sponsored night for this weeks Happy Mondays and the Indie has returned. The Clydes celebrated the release of their new offering, Quality Living recently popped a new single out and the third band, CR and the Degenerates are gearing up for a retool and one last offering for us coming this January. Not much for words right now so enjoy the photos, and check out the latest from the night’s acts! ¬†Happy Halloween and Happy Samhain.
The choice selections from the evening:
CR and the Degenerates
CRDegenerates1030_PShepherd-15 CRDegenerates1030_PShepherd-24 CRDegenerates1030_PShepherd-25 CRDegenerates1030_PShepherd-28 CRDegenerates1030_PShepherd-30 CRDegenerates1030_PShepherd-32 CRDegenerates1030_PShepherd-39 CRDegenerates1030_PShepherd-42 CRDegenerates1030_PShepherd-48
The Clydes
TheClydes1030_PShepherd-9 TheClydes1030_PShepherd-13 TheClydes1030_PShepherd-23 TheClydes1030_PShepherd-31 TheClydes1030_PShepherd-33 TheClydes1030_PShepherd-40 TheClydes1030_PShepherd-51 TheClydes1030_PShepherd-55 TheClydes1030_PShepherd-58 TheClydes1030_PShepherd-68
Quality Living
QualityLiving1030_PShepherd-4 QualityLiving1030_PShepherd-8 QualityLiving1030_PShepherd-12 QualityLiving1030_PShepherd-18 QualityLiving1030_PShepherd-21 QualityLiving1030_PShepherd-27 QualityLiving1030_PShepherd-30 QualityLiving1030_PShepherd-31 QualityLiving1030_PShepherd-33 QualityLiving1030_PShepherd-40


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