SIMGE On The Scene: Renee Maskin, Lyons and The Tide Bends played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd June 5, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments

>After a week off for the holiday, Happy Mondays returned reloaded, and ready for the summer run. Paid parking has also returned along with new meters, so if you have any shows lined up in the coming weeks get in town early so you can grab one of those less expensive spots on the side street.

Renee Maskin of Lowlight kicked things off with a lovely, solo acoustic set. Great to hear the stripped down version of some of those full band songs. I am always a sucker for an acoustic set. Creates a great tone for anything to come.

I was outside when Lyons hit the stage from the quick turnover. Coming through the outside speakers, the band sounded awesome. So I hung out a minute before going in and grabbing the camera, just to enjoy the vibe. Of course once inside I took a minute to take in the powerhouse voice of Amy Malkoff before I got to work. So good.

The Tide Bends closed out the night. The guys have been laying it down in the studio as of late so we will be sure and keep an eye out for whats to come.

Next weeks line up features Shut Up!, Little Vicious and Wetbrain. Let’s get ready for a crazy night!

The choice selections from the evening:

Renee Maskin
RMaskin64_PShepherd-4 RMaskin64_PShepherd-11 RMaskin64_PShepherd-17 RMaskin64_PShepherd-26 RMaskin64_PShepherd-42
Lyons64_PShepherd-13 Lyons64_PShepherd-25 Lyons64_PShepherd-31 Lyons64_PShepherd-40 Lyons64_PShepherd-43 Lyons64_PShepherd-46 Lyons64_PShepherd-62 Lyons64_PShepherd-64 Lyons64_PShepherd-69 Lyons64_PShepherd-82
The Tide Bends
TideBends64_PShepherd-3 TideBends64_PShepherd-5 TideBends64_PShepherd-10 TideBends64_PShepherd-14 TideBends64_PShepherd-23 TideBends64_PShepherd-35 TideBends64_PShepherd-45 TideBends64_PShepherd-46 TideBends64_PShepherd-55 TideBends64_PShepherd-63 TideBends64_PShepherd-69


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