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Listen: Swedish Heavy Rockers Hypnos Release New Single & Climb “The Mountain”

Jason Narciso August 29, 2014 News No Comments


It’s my first pass at listening to Hypnos’ “The Mountain” 2-sided single, and I find myself waiting in a pretty extensive Exchanges & Returns line at Ikea. What’s so special about that? Well ironically Hypnos hails from Sweden, homeland to heavy rockers Witchcraft and Graveyard, and none other than the do-it-yourself particleboard furniture giant who is currently ruining my Saturday afternoon.

Hypnos provides a nice little pick-me-up though. Their rockin’ 70’s sound first reminds me of Kiss (I swear I hear remnants of “Love Gun” in the hook on the title track), but thankfully the songs find their own groove. Hypnos keeps it upbeat and moving right along with these two tracks. No down-tuning, no chugging along, just some solid fast-paced rock.

If I were to nit-pick, I’d like to hear a little more layers out of production. Some punched up drums and vocals maybe, but that’s just getting picky. The current sound definitely conveys an older time period and it fits here.

Back in Ikea-land, I’m going to enjoy going through these tracks a few more times seeing as I have more free time on my hands. (Now serving number 38, I pulled number 52.) Where do they keep the Swedish Fish around here anyway?

Stream “The Mountain” out today, and look for the full length Hypnos via Crusher Records dropping September 26th.

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