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If We Lived In Massachusetts by toilet

Matt Ascone May 22, 2012 New Music No Comments

“Dude…what if…what if, like, Weezer got real high and became a stoner-rock band? What would that sound like, man?” This very well may have been how the conversation went that gave birth to the Toms River trio of tokers known as toilet (purposely spelled in the lower case).

If We Lived in Massachusetts is the debut single from the Alt-Grunge group comprised of Nick Gianatiempo (guitar and vocals), Anton Fortunato (bass and vocals), and Biff Swenson (drums and vocals). These three have clearly been influenced by the work of Weezer, as both tracks on the EP make use of minimalist fret-play enhanced by the classic Electro-Harmonix “Big Muff” distortion pedal, and feature high-pitched three-part harmonies.

“Brah!” is a fuzz-drenched ode to “buds and bongs,” indicating what the current priorities of the band are: “Buds & Bongs/Lets Have A Good Time/Fill Your Lungs/Lets Have A Good Time.” Not exactly drenched in lyrical wordplay or metaphorical mysticism, but that’s not toilet.’s style. This band is not concerned with such frivolities – why over think things when you can just rip a few bongs with your boys and munch on some stir-fry over quality tunes?

The second track, “Electric Inhale,” is similarly drenched in Weezerian string-slashing and high-pitched melodics as the trio croons about similar subject matter over chugging fuzz power chords – sense a theme? This time their love of Rivers Como and company is made more obvious by the line “Weezing Weezer, but not Weezy,” a reference to these strange bedfellows that collaborated on the former’s 2009 dance party track “Can’t Stop Partying.”

Straightforward lyrics such as “They Call Me High By 9/Cause I’m High By 9” don’t leave much to the imagination, but again, that’s not what toilet.’s main objective is. They just want to make music that’s relatable to their party-loving audience, and in that respect they succeed.

Give If We Lived in Massachusetts a spin – it wont take much time at all (the two songs collectively check in at under five minutes)…just don’t blame me if you end up with a contact high and a sudden craving for cheese doodles.

MUST HEAR TRACK: “Brah!” is what Weezer would sound like if Rivers Cuomo wrote “El Scorcho” after a long visit with the Goddess of Green, Mary Jane.

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