Interview: Bayside On Cult & Their 15th Anniversary, Playing Starland Ballroom

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Even more elusive than breaking through as a band is longevity. There are plenty of different examples of what a long career in music looks like, with plenty of acts happy to plateau and bang out the hits until they’re old and grey.

Queens punk-rockers Bayside are not one of those bands. Their latest record, Cult, proves that the group has plenty of fresh juice left entering their 15th year.

Currently out on tour in celebration of that fact, Bayside will wrap this current leg at Starland Ballroom on April 4th. We caught up with Bayside bassist Nick Ghanbarian ahead of the big night. Tickets are still available here.

How does it feel to be celebrating 15 years as a band? Did you ever imagine the band becoming as successful as it has?

It feels great to have such longevity in an era of rock music that seems to forget about bands pretty quickly. We have always felt proud of how we carried ourselves and just wanted to do whatever it took to make the band last a very long time. It’s a great feeling to know we are 15 years in and more successful than ever.

Your newest album, Cult, is your highest charting album yet. The Special Edition “Cult White Edition” was released with 4 new tracks. Are these new songs an extension of the existing album, or a standalone EP of sorts?

The 4 new songs on the new edition of Cult came from a few different sessions. The song “Indiana” was from the original recording sessions, the new version of “Transitive Property” was done remotely by Anthony, and the Blondie cover and new song called “Dancing Like An Idiot” were done a few months back in a seperate session.

Being that The 15 Year Birthday Tour ends at the Starland Ballroom, how has the New Jersey scene been to Bayside throughout your 15 year career?

Jersey has always been great to us, as well as other bands from the area. Jersey really has pumped out some truly influential bands. Over the years we have played up and down Jersey and it has always been a secondary home from home for us.

What can longtime fans like myself expect in the setlist when seeing you on The 15 Year Birthday Tour?

We pulled a few songs out of our catalog that most fans haven’t heard in years, some new songs, and then the rest of the set is our more popular songs that really helped us come as far as we have in the last decade and a half. Our set-list is always geared towards us giving our fans something to smile about while they sing.

Where do you hope to see Bayside in another 15 years?

Hopefully on our 30th birthday tour! What an interesting road to travel if we could last that long.

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