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Status Report: Paul Ritchie (The Parlor Mob) Returns To His Roots & Expands On New Projects

Cory Pedalino September 10, 2013 Features, Interviews No Comments

Recently, I got the chance to sit down with Paul Ritchie to discuss his latest creations, the music industry, the past and things to come. It was a pleasure talking about the resurrection of music, when it may occur, if ever, and the constant amount of staggering shit that is produced on a daily basis.

If you are not familiar with Paul, he hails from the Monmouth County region of New Jersey. He was involved in a kick ass band called The Parlor Mob, produces and records at Retro in Red Bank, NJ, and is in more projects than you could ever dream of. Oh yeah, and he works with some of the greatest local talent around arranging, producing and mentoring in his limited free time.

We joked about when he cut his hair a year ago and how people were saying he “lost his powers”. We also had to share the story of one of our writer’s experience in the same jam room Paul and co now occupy. Have you ever had a grown man turn out all the lights, get motion lights and fog machines going, prep his hair and scarfs on his mic stand and then sing to you 70’s hair metal tunes? Well someone did and it was the most uncomfortable jam session/tryout ever experienced in this individual’s life.

The Parlor Mob

The Parlor Mob

Here’s a list of some of the Parlor and Paul’s projects:

Sam and Dave are in Black Jesuses
Same Tony and Dave are in Sikamor Rooney
Sam and Tony are in Manatee

Sam, Nick Villipiano, Scott Liss and Paul are in Gods
Wills Weller and Paul are in Planet
Paul, Mike Villipiano and Dave Campbell are in Hurricane in Mink

Speak into My Good Eye are heavy followers of The Parlor Mob and I even got the chance to see their last show at The North Star Bar in Philadelphia, PA. Since then, people have wondered why the hiatus? Well you’ll have to find out for yourselves.

The new projects that have evolved from the members of The Parlor Mob give all of these amazing, super talented song writers the opportunity take a back seat view of the music industry and enjoy writing, recording and jamming. Doing what you want to do and at your own pace has resulted in some of the best music ever created and I’m thrilled to see what’s in the future for Paul.

Paul was nice enough to give us a sneak peak of a Gods recording. It brought us back to the days of unique song writing; catchiness with a touch of The Beach Boys, The Turtles, and The Band. We grew up on The Band and listening to the featured track of Gods brought us back to the days of TGIF. Listening to Dad talk about the old days while spinning classic vinyls and taking 20 min car rides that seemed like a lifetime. It’s funny how time slows and shrinks when you’re young and continues to fly as you grow.

Black Jesuses have been playing free shows all over Asbury Park for the past year or so as well as one of the last Maxwell’s shows with The Gay Blades, Static Jacks and Soda Bomb. Dave and Sam’s style are like no other. A member of the PR company who handled this year’s Jersey Shore Music Fest said “who are those Black Jesuses guys, they absolutely shred”.

In closing, we wish Paul and all his projects the absolute best. We hope to see them playing and releasing material sooner than later. If you are interested in working with Paul at Retro or on anything else please follow this link and find the contact info http://www.retromedia.net.

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