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Interview: Reel Big Fish Talk Warped Tour & Their 25th Anniversary

Josh Hershkovitz July 21, 2016 Features, Interviews No Comments

Every year, we all ask ourselves the question: Is Warped Tour worth going to this year? For the second time in my life, the answer was a clear “YES!”

There was so much talent on this tour that I didn’t even get to see everyone I was hoping to see (and caught a few I didn’t expect to catch). I was able to catch the full sets for Masked Intruder, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, The Interrupters and Sum 41. I was able to catch a few songs from Ballyhoo! and Teenage Bottlerocket as well, but had to miss a majority of both due to interviews!

Oh wait…I’ve never interviewed someone before…I better start with one of my favorite bands of all time – REEL BIG FISH! The ska band that got most of us into ska. The reason we all watched BASEketball on repeat! The band I had the fortune of sharing the stage with once, but they were all trashed and probably forgot! What could go wrong?

A few hours prior to the interview I realized I had no clue what to ask, so panic mode began and Kelsey and I got to work.

Armed with questions I had always wanted to ask the band, as well as some fan questions from social media, we finally sat down with Aaron Barrett and Billy Cottage and hit record!

Reel Big Fish

J – Josh (SIMGE)
A – Aaron
B- Billy
K – Kelsey

(proceeds to flip phone over a few times)
I think It’s over here! Yeah it’s down here…
(holds it up to Josh)

J : How’s it going?

A : Good! We’re here with Reel Big Fish! Aaron Barrett and Billy Cottage!

J : Well welcome back to Warped Tour! You guys wanna conduct the interview?

A : We could if you want us to!
You guys are veterans on the Warped Tour – how many Warped Tours is this now? Seven!
How does it feel to be so old as shit and still be on the Warped Tour? Feels good!?

J : It feels like you guys have been together for forever at this point…

A : This year’s our 25th anniversary!

J : Jesus Christ…I was 3! What’s the craziest thing to happen on tour? What happens behind the scenes that we’d never get to hear about?

A : Man you can’t imagine how boring it is back behind the scenes.
B : Yeah it’s hard to keep my phone charged all day cause I’m always on it… I don’t know what else to do. No Pokemon!
A : Lots of lightning…lots of merch tents being blown away….

Reel Big Fish

J : Alright this one’s for Aaron. Horn players – fuck one, marry one, kill one!

A : Horn players in my band or any band?

J : I mean, we can do both!

A : I dunno..let’s let Billy…even though he’s a horn player. Let him answer!
B : I’ll be biased. Like…I’ll marry my body…
A : He’ll fuck himself.
B : I’ll fuck myself and get married to my dead self!
A : Then he’ll kill the other two guys.

Reel Big Fish

J : Saxl Rose’s beard – no real question on this, just gotta give props where they are due!

A : Believe it or not, there’s a bow tie under there! I dunno why he does that, no one can see it. Makes him feel dressed up and fancy.
B : He ties them himself too! He doesn’t use no clip on shit.
K : Probably to help him hit those high notes!
A : Nah that’s the bow tie he has around his balls! Helps him sing high – have you seen that one too? I think that’s his Grindr profile photo!?

J : You guys are nuts on stage – do you guys prank each other off stage?

A : Oh no – we’re not that kind of band. We keep things nice and peaceful because if you’re pranking each other and messing with each other it gets old really fast!

J : What about pranking other bands?

A : Goldfinger would always used to prank us. One time they threw wet cat food on stage during our set. One time they shot us with one of those fire extinguishers with the white smoke. Stuff like that

J : You ever eat the Twinkie?

A : Hell no, yuck!
B : Only in my dreams. ?

Reel Big Fish

J : Had a few questions from Facebook fans. First up – what do Brian Klemm’s lips taste like? He claims Cool Ranch Doritos flavored!

A : They’re probably salty. They must be salty. He eats packets of salt all day long. I’d imagine salty. I wouldn’t know from personal experience!?

J : Side projects! Any news regarding the other bands you guys are parts of?

A : Well Billy’s in like 17 other bands if you wanna tell them about it.
B : Well my band and my friends, we’re called the Feel Goods, we’ve got a CD coming out sometime in the next two months. It just got done being mixed and mastered by Roger from Less Than Jake.

J : Any Forces of Evil news?

A : Oh no. Never. Ever. Ever ever ever. We do play a couple of Forces of Evil songs, and most of us are in this band.

unnamed (15)

J : Who has been your favorite band on Warped Tour? The Interrupters killed it about an hour ago!

A : My other favorite band is Motionless in White! They’re awesome and scary! It’s like watching a horror movie.

B : Yeah I like the Interrupters too. Less Than Jake, Ballyhoo!, Masked Intruder, Teenage Bottlerocket, Sleeping with Sirens (said with English accent),

A : Yellow Cart (Yellowcard), Newfin Glory (New Found Glory). There’s a lot of good bands on this year.

unnamed (16)

J : Any plans after Warped Tour? New albums?

A : Gonna play some shows. No we’re never going to make a new album again because our catalog is complete! It’s just a well-rounded catalog and anymore would just make it…ya know? Christmas album is coming out on gold vinyl this fall though! We play everywhere in the world once a year, sometimes twice a year.

unnamed (17)

J : How do you guys not hate each other after being on tour that much together?

B : We don’t prank each other!
A : Why do you think like 27 members of this band have come and gone?! It’s hard and you’ve gotta want it. It’s not that hard, but people make it hard in their mind. Wives and girlfriends can make it hard too. They’re at home while you’re on tour partying and having fun! Relationships – it seems like when someone has their second baby that’s seems to be when they quit the band.

J : It’s always good to see you guys and I’m always stoked to catch you guys on stage!

A : We’re shaking hands! No video allowed.

J : Thanks guys!

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