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Interview: Rising Rockers Arc & Stones Talk About Their New EP, Tour, & Fending Off Bandwagoners

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Arc & Stones

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Nashville-by-way-of-Brooklyn four piece Arc & Stones have managed to meld the best of both cities’ influences while impressing the varied audiences that continue to grow as the band does. Their latest EP, As You Were, just dropped on June 10th ahead of a string of dates supporting the legendary Kansas. Speak Into My Good Eye recently caught up with Arc & Stones’ Eddy Bayes, Dan Pellarin, Ben Cramer, and Joey Doino as they head out on the road for the rest of the summer.

You’re gearing up for the release of your second EP “As You Were”? What was the writing and recording process like?

Eddy: We recorded ‘As You Were’ at Studio G in Brooklyn with Tony Mamoine. His studio is beautifully set up. We tracked the core of each song live which is how we achieved the sound we wanted for this album.

Ben: This EP was much more of a 4-way writing effort between all of us. Each person brought their own sounds and influences into these songs which really made for an fun EP to make.

Do you feel a significant growth as a band since your first EP?

Eddy: Definitely! We spent a great deal of time having fun playing music together, We wrote songs that embody that journey. the four of us have grown together, it’s been cool discovering what each of our musical styles are and blending them together to create ‘As You Were’

Joe: There definitely has been significant growth since the first record. Eddy and I joined the band, the four of us are writing as a group, and since the move to Nashville, we’ve really been finding our sound.

New song “Control” comes across as a tell of to band-wagoners of your success? Has that been a frustration while trying to keep the impetus on the music?

Dan: It isn’t just a frustration for us, it’s a frustration for so many, like ourselves who try and bring the foundations of rock and roll back with a new face, to a new set of eyes and ears. The song represents the resentment we have toward every one every where that is inclined to be a doubting Thomas. Believe in the effort, not the success. Believe in the journey, not the destination.

A lot of bands find interesting new tweaks and grooves in songs during a tour that builds upon the recorded version. Have you found any improvisations that have stuck after playing the songs repeatedly on tour?

Eddy: Its always nice to find little variations in what we are playing. I’ve been adding harmonies during our live shows. My ears perk up when I hear the guys add an extra parts, or play a some variation. I love the constant evolution of performance!

Ben: We’ve definitely found little tweaks we add to our songs live. That keeps things interesting for us and our audience.

You’ve been residents in two of the more exciting scenes in the US in Brooklyn and Nashville. How have these differing cultural environments informed your music, and what are some exciting, rising bands in both cities that have impressed you?

Eddy: Both cities have an amazing music scene, Nashville has definitely given us more focus as a band and although we are quite new there, the musical community feels very welcoming. I also love having more time to see other artists and bands, one band that were just insanely fun to see live are this Knoxville based band called ‘Crumbsnatchers‘.

You’re currently at the start of a tour with Kansas, with an EP release party at the Mercury Lounge set for May 31st. What have you been able to glean so far from the long running rockers?

Ben: I think the main thing we learned from them is to just have fun with everything and appreciate the time you have on stage. Most of the day is spent traveling, loading in/out, soundchecking, etc.. When you look at it, the amount of time you’re actually playing music is very short, so it’s always important to give it your all when performing.

Your dates with Kansas wraps up in mid-August. After a rest, hopefully, what’s next for Arc & Stones? Are you even looking that far ahead, or just soaking up your current experiences?

Ben: We’re just taking things week by week- month by month. We do look at longterm goals, but it’s better to just be more in the moment. Hopefully we get the opportunity to record some more music, but for now, we’re very excited about sharing our new EP with as many people as possible.

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