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Interview: The Prettiots On Breaking Through In NYC; Playing Baby’s All Right Tonight (3/12)

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The Prettiots

Despite being less than a year old, NYC pop rockers The Prettiots have already made huge strides recently being cited by the Village Voice as one of the Top 10 Rising Female-Fronted Bands in NYC. Tonight they play Baby’s All Right with The Liza Colby Sound, Heather Boo and the Bedroom Wonder. Speak Into My Good Eye caught up with Kay Kasparhauser to talk about breaking through, influences, and what’s next in store.

The Prettiots are getting ready to celebrate their first birthday. How did the band come together, and what was the process like in recording your first few singles?

I met Rachel because I opened for her former band Supercute! When I was doing some weird solo experimental stuff, realized I sort of desperately needed a drummer and asked her to join me, Lulu joined us a couple months later, Rachel knew her because she toured with Supercute! It’s really a match made in heaven they are the best. Our first few singles were actually recorded pre-Lulu with Maddy Brout from The Indecent, who is also a major dream girl, playing bass.

You’ve managed to turn some ears rather quickly, including a feature spot in the Village Voice. What do you attribute to your success in gaining attention in the competitive New York City scene?

Ummm being extra cute and rad? I think our songs are about things people can really relate to, and our sound is really pared down and honest, we’re just kind of friendly and open and I think that’s why people have been so friendly and open towards us! That may be the cheesiest thing I have ever said.

What led you toward playing the Ukulele?

I love the ukulele, is very portable and really easy to write music on, for me at least. I started playing it one summer when I broke my ankle at the beach and couldn’t do anything else, playing the ukulele is just like going to the beach though because it’s a very cheerful instrument.

You recently covered The Misfits’ “Skulls”. What other bands do you cite as influences?

I’ve always really enjoyed doing sort of mismatched covers, we have a System of a Down cover that really dominates, but as far as influences go our sound definitely leans in the more Moldy Peaches with a little bit of The Blow direction, but when writing I listen mostly to 50s/60s girl groups and a lot of Serge Gainsbourgh, France Gal stuff. Pop at its finest

How much does living in New York inform your approach to songwriting?

I mean probably not any more or less than anyone’s home down influences their writing, I talk about New York stuff because it’s what I know, there’s stuff about neighborhoods and bars and trains because my songs are about stuff that I’ve lived

Your currently working on your debut album. How’s that shaping up and when might we expect it?

It’s so exciting it feels exactly like a new crush, like I get really excited and flustered and nervous when I think about it, it’s got a bunch of original stuff on it and some new covers And hopefully will be dropping by the summer. That’s what people say right? Dropping? Yay!

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