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Introducing The Daily Listen Written By Nick Hertzberg Of These Branches

Nick Hertzberg November 25, 2014 Features No Comments

These Branches

Hello and welcome to my new column for Speak Into my Good Eye. My name is Nick Hertzberg, I am a long time member of the South New Jersey music scene, guitarist and vocalist for These Branches, owner and contributor to a web-based label called Deplorable Sounds and lifelong music LOVER.

As it is the case for many of you reading this, music is both a lifestyle and a passion. You think about it when you get up in the morning, it keeps you up at night and helps you through all the emotions this life has to bring with it.

I have done some writing in my time and finally had the spark to put my passion for music and love for writing together into what you are reading right now.

I plan on running this a little differently than your usual music review, however. I read a lot of reviews for albums online…A LOT. A common trend I see is that many run on too long, don’t make justifiable or interesting connections or just ramble to make a length requirement -like this is a college essay. That is NOT to be the case here and if I break my own rules- I plea you talk some sense back into me.

I acquire and listen to so many new albums and artists via blogs, streams and other means regularly that it is ridiculous. I make new playlists that span 6-10 hours to digest on a weekly basis. Even if some of that music is not “new” and fresh out the oven, it is new to me and could be new to you. I will try not to review an album I have heard numerous times before so that first impressions are key and crucial.

The plan is to cover about two to three albums weekly or bi-weekly in some brevity. This little introduction is in-fact probably the longest thing I will ever write for my column. The reviews will not be “tweet” length but will be, what I hope, is a comprehensive and “tease” worthy introduction to these albums. A little background information, what the album sounds like to me and why you should give it a listen are what I aim to portray in my articles.

My biggest hope is to review some artists you may have heard and more importantly many you have not. Some weeks I will do themes such side projects of certain bands, locations, and sometimes it will be random. Though I hate the usage of genres, most people find it easier to relate to certain terms, so I will use these in ways they connect with me for simplicity sakes. With that said, any “genre” I desire will be reviewed and I expect some people to scoff at the fact that I qualify it as “music.” If it is generated of sound waves and has the ability to make you feel something- I will consider it.

While I will accept submissions for new music to listen to, please do not be offended if I do not cover it. For as much as this is a way to share new music with the readers, it is also a practice in self-discovery for myself…so please bare with me and ENJOY!

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